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Music lovers, listed below are some of the shows/sets that I have spent years collecting and listening too.  My collection spans all years and genres with the same "open mind".  I usually do not give preference to any show in particular because, in my opinion, they are all grate!  I’m an avid collector of Grateful Dead shows, but many of the artists listed herein this web page could be considered “extended family".  At any one particular time I may or may not be up for a trade.  I only trade and/or listen to digital sources.  Terms of trade are mutually agreed prior to each trade.  I make music available to you via download, for example usually, but not always, from

This list is sorted by Artist and then by Show Date.  Because certain individuals may alphabetize artist names differently than others, may I suggest that you use your browsers “search” feature to locate the Artist you are looking for. I also have “miscellaneous” live recordings, including classical music and material queued for listening, not listed on this page.  Plus, I have some pristine studio recordings of certain artists, not listed on this page. By all means, inquire.

Kindly contact me at HOUSEOFHAL@JUNO.COM.  I can/will provide all the details (source, mix, quality, set list, etc.) and am confident that you would be happy with any flac, shn or vob files I provide.

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View my audio/video setup Room dimensions 12ft wide, 32ft long, 8ft feet high ceilings. Speakers are set apart 7 feet and essentially form an equilateral triangle to the PLP. Quiescent noise floor is 35db. Television 43 inches high to center of screen and 93 inches to PVP.

Musical Fidelity M6si > Belden 5T00UP > Golden Ear Triton Reference (pair)

Schiit Yggdrasil-B > Canare L-4E6S XLR > Musical Fidelity M6si

Oppo UDP-205 > Belden 1694A (Canare RCAPs) > Schiit Yggdrasil-B

Oppo UDP-205 > ProFlex HDMI > LG OLED65C9PUA

Oppo UDP-205 > Audeze LCD-X

Emotiva ERC-3 > Belden 1800F AES/EBU > Schiit Yggdrasil-B

Samsung SMT-C5320 > BJC LC-1 with Taversoe RCA > Musical Fidelity M6si

Samsung SMT-C5320 > ProFlex HDMI > LG OLED65C9PUA

LG OLED65C9PUA > Mitsubishi Eska POF > Schiit Yggdrasil-B

Dedicated 20A Breaker > Emotiva CMX-2 > Panamax MR4300 and Emotiva CMX-6

Generic Auralux foam acoustic paneling

Salamander Synergy Triple Unit SL20 A/V cabinet


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Last updated 9/14/2021

Artist, Show Date, Set, Venue

10,000 Maniacs, 10/7/1982, 100 min of set 2, Fredonia, NY

10,000 Maniacs, 5/12/1984, entire show, Buffalo NY

10,000 Maniacs, 9/14/1986, entire show, Buffalo State College

10,000 Maniacs, 9/3/1987, 24 min, Amsterdam The Netherlands

10,000 Maniacs, 10/2/1987, entire show, Clemson University

10,000 Maniacs, 11/9/1987, entire show, Leicester England

10,000 Maniacs, 4/29/1988, entire show, Boston MA

10,000 Maniacs, 7/19/1989, entire show, Denver CO

10,000 Maniacs, 10/31/1990, entire show, Chicago IL

10,000 Maniacs, 11/10/1992, entire show, Miami FL

10,000 Maniacs, 5/29/1993, entire show, Greek Theatre L.A.

10,000 Maniacs, 6/27/1993, entire show, Richmond, VA

A.B. Sky, 3/30/1969, entire set (50 min), Avalon Ballroom

ABBA, 11/xx/1979, entire show, Wembley Arena London

ABBA, 3/3/1980, entire show, Tokyo

AC/DC, 12/31/1974, entire show, Melbourne Australia

AC/DC, 4/12/1976, entire show, Apollo Stadium

AC/DC, 6/3/1976, entire show, In Session at the BBC

AC/DC, 1/30/1977, entire show, Haymarket Festival

AC/DC, 8/22/1977, entire show, Agora Ballroom

AC/DC, 8/8/1978, entire show, Nashville TN

AC/DC, 8/21/1978, entire show, Boston MA

AC/DC, 9/10/1978, entire show, Columbus OH

AC/DC, 10/23/1978, 29 min, Vereeniging Hall

AC/DC, 7/28/1979, entire video, Cleveland Lakefront Stadium

AC/DC, 10/16/1979, entire show, Towson University

AC/DC, 11/2/1979, entire show, Hammersmith Odeon, London

AC/DC, 12/9/1979, entire show, Paris

AC/DC, 2/27/1981, entire show, Melbourne

AC/DC, 1/15/1985, entire video, Rio de Janeiro

AC/DC, 10/11/1985, entire show, Austin TX

AC/DC, 2/8/1988, entire. missing jailbreak, the jack, hells bells, Melbourne National Tennis Center

AC/DC, 4/13/1988, 43 min, London UK

AC/DC, 10/23/1988, entire show, Johnson City, TN

AC/DC, 9/8/1996, 21 min, Worcester MA

AC/DC, 10/19/1996, entire show, Buenos Aires Argentina

Adam and the Ants, 10/8/1981, entire show, Tokyo

Adrian Belew, 7/24/1989, entire show, Minneapolis MN

Aerosmith, 7/2/1974, 45 min, My Fathers Place, Roslyn NY

Aerosmith, 12/30/1982, entire show, San Antonio TX

Aerosmith, 1/4/1983, entire show, Honolulu Hawaii

Aerosmith, 3/5/1983, entire show, South Yarmouth MA

Aerosmith, 8/11/1990, entire show, NYC

Aerosmith, 12/19/1994, entire show, Mama Kin’s Boston MA

Air Supply, 8/11/1981, entire show, West Allis, WI

Al Di Meola, 9/29/1980, entire show, Rainbow Music Hall

Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia, 8/30/1981, entire show, St. Goarshausen, Germany

Al Di Meola, 11/18/1987, entire show, Chicago IL

Al Green, 1973, entire gospel of love, WNET studios

Al Stewart, 9/20/1985, entire show, Philadelphia PA

Al Stewart, 11/4/2006, entire show, Dublin

Alan Parsons Project, 8/24/1995, entire show, Riverbend Music Theater

Alanis Morissette, 7/2004, entire. missing so unsexy, surrendering, Soundstage, RAVE HD

Albert King, 1/7/1978, entire show, Chicago IL

Alice Cooper, 12/27/1971, excerpts 50 min, Pittsburgh PA

Alice Cooper, 5/30/1973, entire show, Minneapolis MN

Alice in Chains, 1989-1992, 53 min outtakes

Alison Krauss & Union Station, 9/2/1995, entire show, Woodstown NJ

Alison Krauss & Union Station, 9/21/1996, entire show, Delaware Valley Blue Grass Festival

Allman Brothers, 1/17/1971, entire show, Syria Mosk Pittsburg PA

Allman Brothers, 12/31/1973, entire show, Cow Palace San Fran

Allman Brothers , 5/1/1995, entire show, House of Blues

Allman Brothers , 8/30/1996, 60 min, San Diego

Allman Brothers , 8/31/1996, 120 min, Glen Helen Amp Devore CA

America, 7/24/2002, entire show, Empire State Plaza

America, 8/2005, meat of show, Soundstage, RAVE-HD

America, 11/1/2014, entire show, Norfolk CT

Amos Lee, 7/12/2008, entire show, Wiggins Park

Amy Winehouse, 7/10/2004, entire show, North Sea Jazz Festival

Amy Winehouse, 9/28/2004, 25 min, Tranenpalast Berlin

Amy Winehouse, 1/24/2007, entire show, Kalkscheune

Amy Winehouse, 3/9/2007, entire show, Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Amy Winehouse, 6/22/2007, entire show, Glastonbury

Amy Winehouse, 6/26/2007, entire show, Arendal, Hove Festaival

Amy Winehouse, 7/12/2008, entire show, Oxygen Festival Dublin

Angelique Kidgo, 2/19/2019, entire show, Minneapolis MN

Ani DiFranco, 10/7/2017, entire show, Arrington VA

Animal Mind, 4/29/1990, 77 min, San Francisco CA

Antoine "Fats" Domino, 6/13/1975, entire early and late shows, New York NY

Antoine "Fats" Domino, 7/14/1993, entire show, Montreux Jazz Festival

Antoine "Fats" Domino & Dave Bartholomew, 4/25/1999, entire show, New Orleans LA

Aretha Franklin, 7/21/1970, entire show, Juan-les-Pins, France

Arlo Guthrie, 8/15/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Arlo Guthrie with Shenandoah, 5/16/1986, entire show, Morris Civic Auditorium

Atlanta Rhythm Section, 5/27/1978, entire show, Elmont NY

Atlanta Rhythm Section, 9/3/1978, entire show, Georgia Tech

Aum, 4/6/1969, excerpts 30 min, Avalon Ballroom

Average White Band, 9/16/1975, entire show, Pittsburgh PA

Average White Band, 7/24/2002, entire show, Empire State Plaza

B.B. King, 9/1/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

B.B. King, 2/15/1971, entire show, Showcase Lounge

B.B. King, 6/19/1971, entire early and late show, Fillmore East

B.B. King, 10/26/1971, entire show, A&R Recording Studios NY

B.B. King, 1/10/1972, entire show, Sunset Sound Recorders

B.B. King, 7/26/1972, entire show, Boston

B.B. King, 1/28/1973, entire show, ABC TV Santa Monica

B.B. King, 11/4/1973, entire show, Berliner Jazztage

B.B. King, 7/21/1979, entire show, Capitol Radio Jazz Festival

B.B. King, 7/10/1980, entire show, Montreux, Switzerland

B.B. King, 7/23/1981, 117 min, Huntington Beach CA

B.B. King, 6/16/1983, entire show, Bordentown NJ

B.B. King, 4/18/1984, entire show, Newcastle England

B.B. King, 6/19/1985, entire show, Morrison CO

B.B. King, 7/4/1985, entire show, Paul Masson Mountain Winery

B.B. King, 7/14/1985, entire show, Nice France

B.B. King, 7/18/1985, entire show, Nice France

B.B. King, 9/22/1985, 16 min, Farm Aid 1

B.B. King, 6/28/1987, 32 min, Aarhus Denmark

B.B. King, 8/27/1987, entire show, Salem Civic Center

B.B. King, 2/11/1989, entire show, Perth Concert Hall

B.B. King, 12/14/1989, entire show, Westfalenhalle

B.B. King, 4/10/1990, entire late show, Boulder Theater

B.B. King, 6/28/1990, entire show, Lugano, Switzerland

B.B. King, 9/8/1993, entire show, Phoenix AZ

B.B. King, 2/20/1995, entire show, Santa Cruz CA

B.B. King, 11/18/1996, entire show, Landmark Theatre

B.B. King, 11/22/1996, entire show, Bangor

Babatunde Olatunji and His Drums of Passion, 2/15/1987, 54 min video, Petaluma, CA

Babatunde Olatunji and His Drums of Passion, 12/31/1991, entire show, Oakland, CA

Babatunde Olatunji, 5/8/1998, entire show, Summerville Theatre

Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 2/4/1974, entire show, Cleveland OH

Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 12/31/1990, entire show, Vancouver BC

Bad Company, 12/3/1988, entire show, The Ritz, NY

Bad Company, 4/7/1999, 16 min, Rockline WAXQ NYC

Band of Horses, 12/14/2011, entire show, MSG NY

Band of Horses, 8/4/2016, 30 min entire studio , WFUV NY

Barbra Streisand, 3/??/1962, RCA Demo 31 min, Los Angles CA

Beastie Boys, 5/21/1987, 20 min, Amsterdam

Beastie Boys, 6/16/1996, 73 min, Tibetan Freedom Concert

Beastie Boys, 9/14/1998, entire show, Oakland Coliseum

Beastie Boys, 12/14/2004, entire show, Heineken Music Hall

Beck Bogert Appice, 4/9/1973, entire show, The Felt Forum NY

Bee Gees, 1978, Spirits Having Flown Demos, Criterion Studios, Miami, FL

Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, 6/29/2007, entire show, Onondaga County Community College

Benny Goodman, 6/15/1979, entire show, Playboy Jazz Festival

Bert Sommer, 8/15/1969. entire show, Woodstock

Billy Bragg, 9/21/1984, 23 min, Rotterdam Netherlands

Billy Bragg, 11/20/1995, entire show, Tramps NYC

Billy Bragg and The Blokes, 12/11/1998, Irving Plaza

Billy Bragg, 6/6/2000, entire show, Hamburg

Billy Brag and Joe Henry, 9/25/2016, entire show, Mountain Stage, Pittsburgh PA

Billy Idol, 7/22/1990, entire show, Costa Mesa CA

Billy Joel, 5/10/1974, entire show, Denver CO

Billy Joel, 6/10/1976, entire show, The Bottom Line NY

Billy Joel, 11/13/1993, entire show, Syracuse University

Bjork's Cornucopia, 5/6/2019, entire show, The McCourt, NYC

BK3, 5/29/2009, entire show, Port City Music Hall

Black Sabbath, 11/16/1969, entire show, Dumfries Scotland

Black Sabbath, 8/31/1970, entire show, Montreux Switzerland

Black Sabbath, 12/19/1970, entire show, Paris France

Black Sabbath, 12/20/1970, entire show, Paris France

Black Sabbath, 12/8/1976, 22 min, Pittsburgh

Black Sabbath, 9/2/1978, 25 min, Pittsburgh

Black Uhuru, 11/26/1982, entire show, Montego Bay Jamaica

Blackberry Smoke, 9/25/2014, entire show, Granada Th. Lawrence KS

Blackberry Smoke, 8/11/2016, entire show, Portland ME

Blackberry Smoke, 8/14/2016, entire show, Scranton PA

Blackberry Smoke, 8/23/2016, entire show, Des Moines Iowa

Blackfoot, 6/6/1980, entire show, Passaic NJ

Blind Faith, 6/7/1969, entire show, London England

Blind Faith, 7/12/1969, 29 min, MSG NY

Blind Faith, 7/27/1969, 57 min, Chicago, IL

Blind Faith, 8/16/1969, entire show, Earl Warren Showgrounds

Blind Melon, 3/25/1993, entire show, Wetlands Preserve, NY

Blind Melon, 3/17/1994, 25 min, Pershing Theatre

Blind Melon, 9/12/1995, 52 min, Much Music Studios, Toronto

Blitzen Trapper, 10/2/2012, entire show, Rialto Theatre

Blondie, 5/31/1977, entire show, Bristol England

Blondie, 9/21/1977, entire early and late show + sound check, Old Wardorf

Blondie, 1/12/1980, entire show, Hammersmith Odeon

Blondie, 12/3/2012, entire show, Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne

Blood Sweat and Tears, 8/18/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Blood Sweat and Tears, 6/6/1974, entire. missing look up to the sky, you’ve made me so very happy, Helsinki Finland

Blue Oyster Cult, 10/12/1979, entire show, Chicago IL

Blue Oyster Cult, 8/10/1980, 37 min, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Hartford CT

Blueground Undergrass, 2/7/2000, 18 min, Bottleneck Lawrence KS

Blues Traveler, 12/14/1989, entire show, Wetlands Preserve

Blues Traveler, 1/18/1990, entire show, Wetlands Preserve

Blues Traveler, 6/12/1993, entire show, Nashville, TN

Blur, 10/5/1994, entire show, BBC Radio

Blur, 3/8/1996, entire show, Zurich Switzerland

Blur, 12/11/1997, entire show, Brixton Academy

Bob Dylan, 11/4/1962, entire acoustic, Gaslight Cafe NYC

Bob Dylan, 10/26/1963, entire show, Carnegie Hall NY

Bob Dylan, 7/25/1965, first acoustic 35 min, ? (A quality)

Bob Dylan, 5/17/1966, electric, Royal Albert Hall

Bob Dylan, 9/16/1974, Entire Blood On The Tracks Sessions, NYC Studio A

Bob Dylan, 9/17/1974, Entire Blood On The Tracks Sessions, NYC Studio A

Bob Dylan, 9/19/1974, Entire Blood On The Tracks Sessions, NYC Studio A

Bob Dylan, 12/27/1974, Entire Blood On The Tracks Sessions, NYC Studio A

Bob Dylan, 12/30/1974, Entire Blood On The Tracks Sessions, NYC Studio A

Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, 2/24-25/1986, excerpts 85 min, Sydney Australia

Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, 7/7/1986, entire show, Washington DC

Bob Dylan, 12/8/1997, excerpts 54 min, Hail House Benefit Irving Plaza

Bob Dylan, 5/17/1998, entire show, George, WA

Bob Dylan, 11/18/1999, 2 + E, UMASS Amherst MA

Bob Dylan, 2/9/2002, meat of show 75min, Atlanta GA

Bob Dylan, 4/30/2002, entire show, Paris France

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/24/1973, entire show, BBC In Concert, Paris

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/27/1973, 15 min, Sundown

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/11/1973, entire show, Pall’s Mall, Boston MA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 10/24/1973, entire capital records rehearsal

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 10/29/1973, 40 min, The Matrix

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 10/30/1973, 45 min, The Matrix

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/28/1974, entire show, Jamaica

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 6/10/1975, entire show, Chicago IL

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 6/25/1975, entire show, Boston MA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/7/1975, entire show, San Francisco, CA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 10/4/1975, entire show, National Stadium

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 4/23/1976, entire show, Upper Darby PA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 4/30/1976, entire early show, Beacon Theater

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/1/1976, entire late show, Beacon Theatre NY

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/13/1976, entire show, Orchestra Hall

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/27/1976, entire show, Santa Monica

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 6/24/1976, entire show, Stardust Club

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 5/31/1978, entire studio, Criteria Studios, Miami

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 6/14/1978, entire show, Pinecrest Country Club

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 6/26/1978, 94 min, Paris

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/7/1978, entire show, Ahoy, Rotterdam

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/18/1978, entire early show, Santa Cruz

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/23/1978, entire show, County Bowl

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 8/5/1978, entire show, Miami

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1/xx/1979, entire Dada demo, Kingston JA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 4/6/1979, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 4/10/1979, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/21/1979, entire video, Boston MA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 10/25/1979, entire video, The Apollo Theater

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 11/30/1979, entire show, Oakland CA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 12/2/1979, entire early and late shows, Santa Cruz CA

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/3/1980, entire. missing Natural Mystic, Paris France

Bob Marley & The Wailers, 7/12/1980, 92 min, Queensferry, Flintshire, Wales

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, 11/25/1976, entire show, Seattle WA

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, 6/5/1977, entire show, New Orleans LA

Bobby "Blue” Bland, 12/14/1973, 14 min, ABC TV Santa Monica CA

Bobby "Blue” Bland, 10/8/1975, entire show, Boarding House

Bonnie Raitt, 3/27/1971, entire show, Syracuse NY

Bonnie Raitt, 12/17/1974, 59 min, Soundstage WTTW Studios

Bonnie Raitt, 7/20/1977, entire show, Vienna VA

Bonnie Raitt, 9/2/1985, entire show, Portland OR

Bonnie Raitt, 6/11/1989, entire show, Smith College, MA

Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat, 10/12/1992, entire show, International Indian Treaty Council Benefit

Bonnie Raitt, 9/23/2002, entire show, Greek Theatre, CA

Boston, 3/9/1977, entire show, Seattle WA

Boz Scaggs, 4/??/1970, entire show, Portland OR

Boz Scaggs, 12/19/1971, entire show, San Francisco CA

Boz Scaggs, 5/6/1973, 92 min, San Antonio TX

Boz Scaggs, 4/7/1976, entire show, West Hollywood CA

Boz Scaggs, 5/6/1990, entire show, New Orleans, LA

Boz Scaggs, 6/26/1994, entire show, Sausalito CA

Boz Scaggs, 10/8/1997, entire show, Fillmore West

Boz Scaggs, 11/21/2008, entire show, The World Café, Philadelphia PA

Branford Marsalis and the X-Men, 12/31/1990, entire show, Oakland

Branford Marsalis Quartet, 6/2/2018, entire show, Sydney Australia

Brian Setzer Orchestra, 12/1/1998, entire show, Denver CO

Buddy Guy, 2/17/1995, entire show, Knoxville TN

Buddy Holly, 1957 - 1959, entire + artwork, apartment tapes

Buffalo Zydeco, 7/7/2006, entire show, The Great Blue Heron Festival

CAKE, 5/7/1994, entire show, Whole Earth Festival

CAKE, 1/13/1995, entire show, Slims

Calexico, 10/8/1998, entire show, München, Germany

Calexico, 6/13/2010, entire show, Manchester TN

CAN, 6/24/1972, 49 min, Cologne

CAN, 5/12/1973, entire show, Paris

Canned Heat, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Canned Heat, 6/27/1973, entire show, Stockholm, Sweden

Canned Heat, 8/20/2016, entire show, Norwich NY

Canned Heat, 7/21/2017, entire show, Brescia Italy

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, 1978, Shinny Beast Demos, Van Nuis CA

Captain Beefheart, 12/19/1980, entire late show, Hollywood CA

Captain Beefheart, 1/29/1981, entire show, Reseda CA

Carole King, 8/19/1971, entire show, Greek Theater

Cat Power, 10/10/1998, entire show, Berkeley CA

Cat Stevens, 6/29/1974, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Cat Stevens, 3/6/1976, entire show, Seattle WA

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 10/21/61, 21 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 3/24/1962, 26 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 3/31/1962, 22 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 5/5/1962, 34 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 5/12/1962, 29 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 10/19/1962, 24 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus and the Jazz Workshop Allstars, 10/26/1962, 30 min, Birdland

Charles Mingus Sextet,, 4/16/1964, entire show, Bremen Germany

Charles Mingus Sextet, 10/25/1970, 43 min, Teatro Lirico

Charles Mingus Sextet, 10/28/1970, 14 min, Théâtre National Populaire du Palais de Chaillot

Charles Mingus Quintet, 11/10/1972, 58 min, Palazzo dello Sport,Italy

Charles Mingus Quintet, 6/26/1975, 32 min, Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Charles Mingus, 2/4/1977, entire show, Union Ballroom

Charles Mingus, 6/3/1977, entire show, Buenos Aires

Charlie Daniels Band, 6/30/1972, 15 min, New Monk

Charlie Daniels Band, 5/6/1979, entire show, Boston MA

Charlie Daniels Band, 11/18/1979, entire show, Nassau Coliseum NY

Charlie Hunter Trio, 4/14/2003, entire show, Ziggy’s

Charlie Musselwhite, 7/11/2004, entire show, Humboldt Bay Waterfront Park

Charlie Musselwhite, 6/9/2012, entire show, Minneapolis, MN

Cheap Trick, 11/1/1977, entire show, Toronto Ontario

Cheap Trick, 2/10/1979, entire video 39 min, Brighton Polytechnic

Cheap Trick, 8/30/1979, entire video, Rockpalast

Cheap Trick, 12/31/1979, entire. missing way of the world, Los Angeles Forum

Cheap Trick, 7/8/1994, entire. show, Milwaukee WI

Cheap Trick, 4/27/1998, entire show, The Roxy

Chicago, 8/31/1969, entire show, Dallas TX

Chicago, 7/19/1970, 45 min, Milwaukee WI

Chicago, 9/7/1973, entire show, Amsterdam Holland

Chicago, 2/12/1977, 119 min, Grugahalle

Chicago, 1/20/1979, 42 min, Sydney Australia

Chicago, 8/12/1979, 80min, Navy Pier, Chicago

Chicago, 8/5/1982, entire show, Chicago IL

Chicago, 8/11/1978, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Chicago, 12/19/1982, entire video, Westfalenhalle

Chris Smither, 11/2/1999, entire show, Preston, UK

Chuck Berry, unknown, unknown, Live FM KDCO Boulder CO

Chuck Berry and The Aces, 6/16/1972, entire show, Montreux Switzerland

Chuck Berry, 12/31/1988, entire show, Palladium NY

Chuck Berry and Jonny Johnson, 12/16/1993, entire show, Lone Star Roadhouse, NYC

Chuck Berry, 5/28/1995, entire show, Portland Meadows

Chuck Berry, 5/29/1995, entire show, Portland Meadows

Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Gate's Express, 6/15/1978, entire show, Palo Alto, CA

Claypool Lennon Delirium, 12/31/2016, entire show, Oakland CA

Claypool Lennon Delirium, 5/16/2017, entire show, Morrison CO

Clifford Brown, 1955 - 1956, 74 min, Various

Clifford Brown / Max Roach Quintet, 6/18/1956, 89 min, Norfolk VA

Commander Cody with Nicolette Larson, 8/13/1977, entire early show, Calderone Concert Hall

Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, 8/28/1973, entire show, Rotterdam

Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, 11/8/1973, entire show, Ebbett’s Field

Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, 8/4/1996, entire show, Syracuse NY

Count Basie, 5/2/1969, entire show, Stuttgart Germany

Count Basie, 4/25/1972, entire show, Stuttgart, Germany

Count Basie, 11/11/1980, entire show, Stuttgart, Germany

Counting Crows, 1992, demos, entire. missing Omaha, Shallow Days, Love & Addiction

Counting Crows, 10/27/1997, entire show, Onondaga County War Memorial

Counting Crows, 4/26/2002, entire show, New Orleans

Counting Crows, 6/13/2003, entire show, Hultsfred Festival

Counting Crows, 3/10/2004, entire show, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Counting Crows, 12/12/2009, entire show, Asheville, NC

Country Joe and The Fish, 6/17/1967, excerpts 10 min, Monterey Pop Festival

Country Joe and The Fish, 7/4/1967, excerpts 16 min, Berkeley, CA

Country Joe and The Fish, 2/14/1968, excerpts 40 min, Carousel Ballroom

Country Joe and The Fish, 11/17/1968, excerpts 10 min, Konserthuset, Stockholm

Country Joe McDonald, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Country Joe and The Fish with Barry Melton, 1/28/1975, BBC In Concert London

Cowboy Junkies, 3/12/1989, entire show, Austin, TX

Cowboy Junkies, 3/14/2012, entire studio, Glenn Gould Studio

Cracker, 9/8/2007, entire show, Pioneertown CA

Crash Test Dummies, 7/14/1994, entire show, Correggio Italy

Cream, 5/29/1967, entire show, Spaulding, England

Cream, 9/3/1967, excerpts 70 min, Fillmore West

Cream, 10/13/1967, entire set, Grand Ballroom Detroit MI

Cream, 3/10/1968, entire show, Winterland

Cream, 4/5/1968, 82 min, Boston MA

Cream, 10/4/1968, entire show, Oakland

Cream, 10/11/1968, entire show, New Haven Arena

Cream, 10/19/1968, 71 min, L.A. Forum

Cream, 10/20/1968, entire show, San Diego Sports Arena

Cream, 10/25/1968, entire show, Dallas TX

Cream, 11/2/1968, entire show, MSG, NY

Cream, 11/26/1968, entire show, Royal Albert Hall

Creed, 11/4/1999, entire show, Freeman Colliseum

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 3/14/1969, 30 min, Fillmore West

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 5/22-25/1969, 31 min, Fillmore West

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Creedence Clearwater Revival with Booker T Jones, ??/??/1970, Rehearsal Jam 60 min, Fantasy Studios CA

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1/31/1970, entire show, Oakland CA

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 4/14/1970, entire show, Royal Albert Hall, London

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 8/29/1970, 33 min, LA Forum

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 7/4/1971, entire show, Fillmore West

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 8/18/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 8/26/1969, entire show, Greek Theatre

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 8/31/1969, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 9/13/1969, entire show, Monterey CA

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 12/13/1969, 34 min, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 12/14/1969, 29 min, Masonic Temple, Detroit

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 12/18/1969, 30 min, Hofheinz Pavillion, Houston

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 12/21/1969, 70 min, Balboa Park San Diego

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 6/28/1970, 1, LA Forum

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 9/8/1970, outtakes, Déjà vu

Crosby Nash & Young, 3/26/1972, 66 min,Winterland

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 1974, Best of 74 Tour Vol 7 Unreleased

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 7/9/1974, entire show, Seattle

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 7/13/1974, entire show, Oakland

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 8/27/1974, entire show, Chicago

Crosby & Nash, 12/14/1974, entire show, Whale and Fieldworkers Benefit

Crosby Stills & Nash, 6/21/1977, entire second set, MSG

Crosby Stills & Nash, 8/22/1982, entire show, Summerfest Main Stage

Crosby Stills & Nash, 11/12/1982, 69 min, LaCrosse WI

Crosby Stills & Nash, 11/28/1982, entire show, Universal Amphitheatre

Crosby Stills & Nash, 9/1/1988, 85 min, Vancouver, Canada

Crosby Stills & Nash, 9/6/1988, entire show, Santa Barbara, CA

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 11/12/1988, entire show, Palace Theatre Los Angeles

Crosby Stills & Nash, 11/8/1989, entire show, The Catalyst

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 3/30/1990, entire show, Civic Auditorium

Crosby Stills & Nash, 8/1/1990, entire show, Columbia MD

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 11/3/1991, entire show, Bill Graham Memorial, SF CA

Crosby Stills & Nash, 8/26/1992, entire show, Poplar Creek Music Theater

Crosby Stills & Nash, 8/27/1992, entire show, Minneapolis, MN

Crosby Stills & Nash, 8/29/1992, entire show, Atlantic City, NJ

Crosby Nash & Lesh, 2/13/1994, excerpt, Masonic Hall San Fran

Crosby Nash & Lesh, 5/15/1998, entire show, Berkeley, CA

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 3/14/2000, entire show, Phillips Arena

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 2/13/2002, entire show, Air Canada Centre

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 4/28/2002, entire show, Tacoma WA

Crosby & Nash, 3/8/2005, entire show, Milan Italy

Crosby & Nash w/ Jackson Browne & John Cruz, 8/29/2013, entire show, Castle Theater at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Crowded House, 11/22/1986, entire show, CBGB’s NYC

Crusader Rabit Stealth, 6/10/2001, 1 + 2/, Sweet Water Saloon Mill Valey CA

Culture Club, 2/21/1983, entire show, Lido Beach, NY

Curtis Knight with Jimi Hendrix, 12/26/1965, entire show, Georges Club 20, Hackensack NJ

Dan Fogelberg, 12/31/1973, entire show, Ebbett's Field

Dave Mason, 3/23/1991, entire show, Buffalo NY

Dave Matthews Band, 12/1/1994, entire show, Santa Cruz CA

Dave Matthews Band, 3/22/2019, entire show, Theater am Grossmarkt Germany

David Bowie, 4/4/1978, entire show, Los Angeles Forum

David Bowie, 7/12/1983, entire show, Montreal Quebec

David Bowie, 11/3/1987, entire show, Sydney

David Bowie, 8/5/1990, 90 min, Concert Bowl UK

David Bowie, 9/20/1990, entire show, Praça da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro

David Bowie, 7/9/1996, entire show, Rome Italy

David Bowie, 10/19/1996, excerpts, Mountain View CA

David Bowie, 10/20/1996, excerpts, Mountain View CA

David Bowie, 1/5/1997, excerpts unplugged studio, NY

David Bowie, 1/9/1997, entire show, MSG NY

David Bowie, 3/3/1997, acoustic, Rosie O'Donnell Show

David Bowie, 3/8/1997, 50th Bday, ?

David Bowie, 4/8/1997, acoustic, Atlanta GA

David Bowie, 4/10/1997, acoustic, Late Night With Conan O'Brien

David Bowie, 6/25/2000, entire show, Glastonbury Pilton UK

David Bowie, 6/15/2002, entire show, Sony Music Studios NY

David Bowie, 7/18/2002, entire show, Montreux Jazz Festival

David Bowie, 9/24/2002, 77 min, Le Zenith

David Bowie, 5/29/2004, entire show, Borgata Hotel & Casino NJ

David Bromberg, 12/14/1985, entire show, Chestnut Cabaret

David Bromberg, 7/29/1987, entire show, Riverfront Park

David Byrne, 9/26/1992, entire show, Saenger Theatre

David Byrne, 11/15/1997, entire show, Rochester NY

David Byrne, 5/8/2001, entire show, Phoenix Theatre

David Byrne, 6/13/2004, entire show, Bonnaroo TN

David Byrne, 3/6/2018, entire show, Amherst NY

David Gans, 5/1/2001, entire acoustic, WRHU Hofstra Univ NY

David Gans, 11/1/2014, entire show, Harrodsburg KY

David Grisman Quintet, 6/18/1988, entire show, Telluride CO

David Grisman, 5/28/1994, entire show, Pacific Cultural Center

David Lee Roth, 1986, 18 min, Studio Outtakes

Dawes, 12/12/2015, entire show, 27th Xmas Jam Asheville NC

Dawes, 10/12/2019, entire show, Charlottesville VA

Deep Purple, 8/24/1969, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

Deep Purple, 1/15/1970, entire, Doebiedoe TV Studios Amsterdam

Deep Purple, 11/12/1970, excerpts, Koncerthaus, Stockholm

Deep Purple, 3/9/1972, excerpts, Paris Theatre, London

Deep Purple, 2/15/1976, entire show, Dane County Memorial Colisium

Deep Purple, 7/9/1985, entire show, Palais Omnisports Paris

Deep Purple, 5/23/1987, entire show, Irvine Meadows

Deep Purple, 7/31/1999, 29 min, Inchon, South Korea

Deep Purple, 4/2/2000, 20 min, Seoul, South Korea

Def Leppard, 10/3/1979, 14 min, BBC Studios London

Def Leppard, 9/15//1996, entire show, Le Centre Molson

Def Leppard, 10/2/1999, entire show, Tokyo

Depeche Mode, 5/16/1986, 85 min, Hamburg Germany

Depeche Mode, 10/11/2001, entire show, Frankfurt Germany

Derek and the Dominos, 10/23/1970, entire second show, Fillmore East

Derek and the Dominos, 11/5/1970, 35 min, Ryman Auditorium

Devo, 2/1/1977, entire show, The Crypt

Devo, 8/3/1977, entire show, Mabuhay Gardens

Devo, 11/3/1978, entire show, Minneapolis MN

Devo, 7/17/1980, entire show, Orpheum Theatre

Devo, 7/16/1980, entire show, Triangle Theatre

Devo, 10/25/1981, entire show, Shea’s Buffalo Theater

Devo, 11/17/1988, 77 min, Chestnut Cabaret

Dexys Midnight Runners, 11/5/1982, entire show, Hamburg Germany

Diana Krall, 6/24/2000, entire show, Syracuse NY

Diana Krall, 8/25/2001, entire show, Newport Jazz Festival

Dion, 7/29/1997, entire show, Tramps, NYC

Dire Straits, 10/3/1985, entire show, Radio City Music Hall

Dire Straits, 6/18/1986, entire show, London England

Dire Straits, 4/4/1992, entire show, Seattle WA

Dire Straits, 6/5/1992, entire show, London UK

Dixie Dregs, 8/23/1979, entire show, Night Train

Dizzy Gillespie, 3/8/1953, 18 min, Hamburg

Dizzy Gillespie, 6/14/1957, entire show, Chester, PA

Dizzy Gillespie, 3/23/1978, 44 min, Hamburg

Dizzy Gillespie, 7/15/1979, 49 min, North Sea Jazz

Doc Watson, ??/??/63, excerpts 35min, Cambridge MA

Doc & Merle Watson, 12/12/1973, 61 min, North Hollywood, CA

Doc Watson, 8/17/1986, entire show, Paul Smith's, NY

Don McLean, 4/20/1974, entire show, The Bottom Line

Donna Jean Godchaux Band, 8/9/1997, entire show, Hannibal ,NY

Donovan, 10/29/1965, entire show, Westfield NJ

Donovan, 4/10/1976, entire show, The Bottom Line, NYC

Donovan, 10/?/1981, entire show, Croydon, UK

Donovan, 10/24/1996, entire show, Orcas Center

Dr. John and the Meters, 3/5/1973, entire show, Marti Gras New Orleans

Dr. John, 9/25/1974, entire show, Ebbet’s Field

Dr. John, 10/10/1988, entire show, Binghamton NY

Dr. John, 2/28/2006, entire show, WFUV studio NY

Duo de Twang, 12/31/2016, entire show, Fox Theatre Oakland CA

Duran Duran, 4/30/1993, entire show, Estadio Velez Sarsfield

Dweezil Zappa, 5/4/2018, entire show, Pabst Theatre

Dweezil Zappa, 12/4/2019, entire show, Royal Festival Hall

Dylan/Young/The Band, 3/23/1975, ?, Snack Benefit Kezar Stadium

Earth, Wind and Fire, 3/14/1979, entire show, Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Echo and the Bunnymen, 6/27/1997, entire show, Glastonbury Festival England

Eddie Money, 10/8/1977, entire show, San Francisco CA

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 2/15/1986, entire show, Suds, Dallas, TX

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 11/29/1988, entire show, Chicago IL

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 5/3/1989, entire show, Houston TX

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 8/16/1989, entire show, Bristol, CT

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 8/26/1989, entire show, Jones Beach

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 7/12/1990, entire show, Washington DC

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 7/14/1990, entire show, Foxboro MA

Electric Light Orchestra, 11/1/1974, 52 min, Michigan Palace

Electric Light Orchestra, 3/19/1976, entire show, Orpheum Theater

Ella Fitzgerald, 4/26/1984, entire show, Philharmonics Berlin

Elliott Smith, 3/6/1995, entire show, Bottom of the Hill

Elliott Smith, 9/25/1996, entire show, Sam Bond’s Garage

Elliott Smith, 8/12/1998, entire show, Maxwell’s

Elliott Smith, 6/5/2003, entire show, Maxwell’s

Elton John, 10/1/1971, entire show, Tokyo

Elton John with John Lennon, 11/28/1974, 72 min, MSG NY

Elton John, 9/29/1975, entire show, Sports Arena

Elton John, 10/16/1975, entire show, Seattle

Elton John, 10/17/1975, entire show, Seattle

Elton John, 5/7/1977, entire show, Rainbow Theater

Elton John, 10/21/1980, entire show, Seattle Center

Elton John, 6/20/1982, entire show, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

Elton John, 12/24/1982, 62 min, Hammersmith Odeon

Elton John, 3/25/1984, entire show, Sydney Entertainment Center

Elton John, 11/4/1984, entire show, The Centrum

Elton John, 12/14/1985, entire show, Wembley Arena

Elton John, 8/2/1989, entire show, Great Woods Performing Arts Center

Elton John, 9/6/1993, entire show, Walden Woods Benefit Concert

Elton John, 8/30/1995, entire show, Riverport Amphitheater

Elton John, 2/19/1999, entire show, Roanoke Civic Center

Elton John, 11/4/2004, entire show, Tabernacle Atlanta

Elvis Costello, 12/31/1981, entire show, Palladium, NY

Elvis Costello, 5/22/1996, entire early show, Supper Club NY

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach, 10/29/1998, entire show, Royal Festival Hall, London, England

Elvis Costello, 5/10/1999, entire show, Berlin Germany

Elvis Presley, 6/3/1975, entire show, University of Alabama

Elvis Presley, 8/30/1976, entire show, Tuscaloosa AL

Elvis Presley, 9/6/1976, entire late show, Huntsville

Elvis Presley, 11/28/1976, entire show, San Francisco

Elvis Presley, 12/29/1976, entire show, Jefferson Civin Center Coliseum

Emerson Lake and Palmer, 8/29/1970, entire show, Isle of Wight Festival

Emerson Lake and Palmer, 7/19/1971, entire show, Hollywood Bowl

Emerson Lake and Palmer, 2/10/1974, 46 min, King Biskit Flower Hour

Emerson Lake and Palmer, 11/18/1977, entire show, Wheeling WV

Emerson Lake and Palmer, 2/9/1978, entire show, Nassau Coliseum

Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band, 11/13/1975, 1 HR (most of show), Amsterdam Netherlands

Emmylou Harris and James Burton, 2/23/1976, entire show, London England

Emmylou Harris and The Hot Band, 10/19/1978, entire show, PBS Soundstage

Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band, 3/9/1983, entire show, Kansas City MO

Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, 9/8/1999, 1 + 2/, San Luis Obispo, CA

Eric Burdon and The New Animals, 1/20/1967, 7 min, Offenbach, Germany

Eric Burdon and The New Animals, 01/xx/1968, 17 min, Berlin bietet Beat

Eric Burdon, 4/7/1989, entire show, Zivko’s

Eric Clapton, 7/20/1974, entire show, Long Beach CA

Eric Clapton, 7/25/1974, entire show, Henry W. Kiel Municiple Auditorium

Eric Clapton, 8/1/1974, 74 min, The Omni

Eric Clapton, 11/5/1974, entire show, Osaka

Eric Clapton, 8/14/1975, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Eric Clapton, 8/17/1975, entire show, Tucson, AZ

Eric Clapton, 8/3/1976, entire show, A.B.C Cinema

Eric Clapton, 9/30/1977, entire show, Nagoya, Japan

Eric Clapton, 12/8/1981, entire show, Yokohama

Eric Clapton, 7/2/1983, 86 min, Jones Beach Ampitheatre

Eric Clapton, 7/4/1986, entire show, Roskilde, Denmark

Eric Clapton, 11/3/1994, entire show, The Forum, Los Angeles

Eric Clapton, 7/4/1997, entire show, Montreux Jazz Festival

Eric Clapton, 7/17/1997, entire show Vitoria Spain

Eric Clapton, 4/9/1998, entire show, United Center

Eric Clapton, 12/7/2003, entire show, Sapporo Japan

Eric Clapton, 2/25/2009, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Etta James, 7/14/1990, entire show, Nice Jazz Festival France

Eurythmics, 8/21/1983, 50 min, Kabuki Theatre CA

Eurythmics, 6/7/1987, entire show, Berlin Germany

Faces, 3/12/1975, entire show, Hec Ed Pavillion

Fairport Convention, 6/10/1970, 34 min, Fillmore East

Fairport Convention, 8/30/1970, 44 min, Schwenksville PA

Fairport Convention, 4/27/1974, entire show, Worcester MA

Fairport Convention, 9/5/1975, entire early and late shows, Evanston IL

Fairport Convention, 10/25/1975, entire showw, University of Nottingham

Fleetwood Mac, 7/13/1968, entire show, The Space, NYC

Fleetwood Mac, 6/23/1969, entire show, Aberdeen, Scotland

Fleetwood Mac with Eric Clapton, 2/5/1970, 17 min, Boston Tea Party

Fleetwood Mac, 1974, entire show, ABC In Concert

Fleetwood Mac, 10/8/1974, entire, Ultrasonic Studios

Fleetwood Mac, 1975, entire show, Don Kirshners Rock Concert

Fleetwood Mac, 12/6/1975, entire show, Warehouse, New Orleans

Fleetwood Mac, 5/21/1977, entire show, Nashville TN

Fleetwood Mac, 8/30/1978, entire show, Live At Baton Rouge

Fleetwood Mac, 11/6/1979, entire show, St. Louis MO

Fleetwood Mac, 11/12/1979, entire show, Uniondale NY

Flock of Seagulls, 5/28/1983, 35 min, Glen Helen Regional Park

Foghat, 4/10/1973, entire, Boston

Foghat, 8/31/2007, entire early show, Syracuse

Foo Fighters, 8/26/1995, 14 min, Reading UK

Foreigner, 12/1/1978, entire show, The Spectrum PA

Foreigner, 9/14/1988, entire show, Tokyo

Frank Sinatra, 4/17/1973, entire show, The White House

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, 5/25/1977, entire show, Tarrytown NY

Frank Zappa, 9/30/1967, entire show, Stockholm Sweden

Frank Zappa, 4/28/1968, 58 min early show, The Grand Ballroom

Frank Zappa, 10/6/1968, entire (32 min), Beat Club Bremen Germany

Frank Zappa, 10/23/1968, entire (30 min), BBC Studios London England

Frank Zappa, 10/26/1968, 1, Olympia Theatre Paris France

Frank Zappa, 2/23/1969, 1, Rockpile Toronto Ontario

Frank Zappa, 5/23/1969, entire show, Lawrence Univ Appleton WI

Frank Zappa, 6/18/1970, entire show, Uddel Netherlands

Frank Zappa, 7/25/1970, 46 min, Festival de Valbonne

Frank Zappa, 11/6/1970, 1 hr, Fillmore West

Frank Zappa, 11/13/1970, entire early and late shows, Fillmore East

Frank Zappa and The Mother of Invention, 12/4/1971, entire show, Casino de Montreux

Frank Zappa, 9/23/1972, 95 min, Felt Forum

Frank Zappa, 10/29/72, 90 min, Harper College

Frank Zappa, 11/7/1972, entire show, Commack, NY

Frank Zappa, 3/11/1973, 100 min, Texas Hall Auditorium

Frank Zappa, 5/?/1973, entire show, Unknown Venue

Frank Zappa, 5/18/1973, entire show, Nassau Collisuum

Frank Zappa, 6/25/1973, 92min, Horden Pavillion

Frank Zappa, 8/21/1973, entire show, Stockholm

Frank Zappa, 10/26/1973, entire show, Armadillo World Headquarters

Frank Zappa, 11/11/1973, entire show, Wayne NJ

Frank Zappa, 11/18/1973, 83 min, Waterloo Cabada

Frank Zappa, 2/16/1974, entire show, Berkeley, CA

Frank Zappa, 4/23/1974, entire show, Riverside Theater

Frank Zappa, 5/8/1974, entire show, Edinboro

Frank Zappa, 9/25/1974, entrie show, Goteborg Sweeden

Frank Zappa, 10/29/1974, entire show, State Farm Theatre

Frank Zappa, 11/9/1974, entire show, Boston MA

Frank Zappa, 11/15/1974, entire show, Memorial Auditorium

Frank Zappa, 11/23/1974, 122 min, Jenison Fieldhouse

Frank Zappa, 11/27/1974, entire show, St. Paul Auditorium

Frank Zappa, 5/23/1975, 92 min, El Paso TX

Frank Zappa, 10/1/1975, entire show, Vancouver BC

Frank Zappa, 10/25/1975, 135 min, Capital Theater

Frank Zappa, 11/25/1975, 98 min, Dane County Coliseum

Frank Zappa, 10/27/1976, entire show, Leroy Theatre

Frank Zappa, 11/25/1976, entire show, Auditorium Theater, Chicago

Frank Zappa, 12/27/1976, entire show, Palladium NYC

Frank Zappa, 1/26/1978, entire show, Hammersmith Odeon

Frank Zappa, 2/25/1978, 80 min, Neunkirchen am Brand, West Germany

Frank Zappa, 2/12/1979, entire show, Manchester England

Frank Zappa, 2/21/1979, entire show, Voorst National Hall

Frank Zappa, 2/27/1979, entire show, Sport Paleisahoy

Frank Zappa, 3/19/1979, 102 min, Parc de Penfeld

Frank Zappa, 4/5/1980, entire show, San Bernardino CA

Frank Zappa, 4/12/1980, entire late show, Omaha NE

Frank Zappa, 4/29/1980, entire early and late shows, Upper Darby PA

Frank Zappa, 10/13/1980, 61 min early show, Phoenix AZ

Frank Zappa, 10/17/1980, entire show, Dallas TX

Frank Zappa, 10/31/1980, 40 min early show, The Palladium

Frank Zappa, 11/8/1980, entire show, Ocean State Peerforming Arts Center

Frank Zappa, 11/29/1980, entire late show, Uptown Theater

Frank Zappa, 10/31/1981, entire video, The Palladium

Frank Zappa, 12/11/1981, entire show, Santa Monica CA

Frank Zappa, 6/8/1982, entire show, Hamburg

Frank Zappa, 8/11/1984, entire show, Oscar Mayer Theatre

Frank Zappa, 10/31/1984, entire late show, Felt Forum

Frank Zappa, 11/3/1984, entire early and late, Stonybrooke NY

Frank Zappa, 11/14/1984, entire show, Cleveland OH

Frank Zappa, 11/23/1984, entire late show, Bismark Theater

Frank Zappa, 5/9/1988, entire show, Munich

Frank Zappa, 5/26/1988, entire show, Stadthalle

Furthur, 11/10/2011, entire show, MSG NY

Garbage, 11/10/1995, entire show, The Opera House, Toronto ON

Garbage, 11/25/1995, entire show, Melkweg

Genesis, 1/28/1975, entire show, Phoenix

Genesis, 5/7/1980, entire show, Lyceum Ballroom London

Gentle Giant, 2/13/1975, 42 min, Capitol Studios KMET-FM

Gentle Giant, 11/13/1977, entire show, Boston MA

George Harrison, 11/4/1974, entire show, Seattle, WA

George Harrison, 11/22/1974, entire show, Fort Worth, TX

George Harrison, ??/??/1992, entire set, Japan

George Thorogood and The Destroyers, 12/31/1978, entire show, Newark Delaware

George Thorogood and The Destroyers, 8/12/1993, entire show, Darien Lake NY

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, 5/18/1996, entire show, Charlottesville VA

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, 8/21/1996, entire early and late shows, Nederland CO

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, 6/23/2002, entire show, Moore Theatre

Ginger Baker's Nutters, 10/10/1981, entire show, Rolling Stone, Milano

Ginger Baker Trio, 9/29/1995, 55 min video, Frankfurt Germany

Golden Earring, 6/25/1989, 52 min, Parkpop Festival

Golden Earring, 7/1/1989, 96 min, Huizen, Netherlands

Golden Smog, 4/16/1996, entire show, Theater of the Living Arts

Golden Smog, 4/18/1996, entire show, Carrboro NC

Good Old Boys, 2/22/1976, entire show, Rockaway NY

Good Old Boys, 5/15/1976, entire show, Capital Theater

Gordon Lightfoot, 10/5/1969, entire show, Charlottetown

Gordon Lightfoot, 8/3/1977, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Gordon Lightfoot, 12/12/1977, entire show, Avery Fisher Hall

Gordon Lightfoot, 1979, entire show, Soundstage

Gordon Lightfoot, 8/22/1979, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Gordon Lightfoot, 2/17/2020, entire show, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Gov't Mule, 10/23/1999, entire show, Fillmore West

Gov't Mule, 12/21/2000, 33 min, Thomas Wolf Aud Ashville SC

Grateful Dead

Great American String Band, 4/20/1974, 45 min, Pilgrimage Th Hollywood CA

Green Day, various live excerpts, 90 min, Noize Boys

Green Day, 7/21/2009, entire show, Spectrum

Guns N’ Roses, 6/28/1987, 69 min, The Marquee Club

Guns N’ Roses, 12/26/1987, entire show, Perkins Palace

Guns N’ Roses, 7/17/1993, entire show, Buenos Aires Argentina

Hall and Oates, 4/7/1980, entire late show, Cleveland OH

Hall and Oates, 11/19/1981, entire show, Boston

Hannah Thomas, 9/10/2013, entire show, Door County Auditorium

Harry Chapin, 5/23/1976, entire show, Westchester Premier Theatre NY

Heart, 7/17/1977, 30 min, Universal Ampitheatre

Heart, 6/2/1979, entire show, Alpine Valley Music Theater

Heart, 4/3/1980, entire show, Tarrant Convention Center

Herbie Hancock, 7/9/1991, 71 min, Munich

High County with Garcia and Nelson, 2/19/1969, entire show, The Matrix, San Francisco CA

Hot Rize w/Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers, 1/20/2018, entire show, Berkeley, CA

Hot Tuna, 4/3/1972, entire show, Carnagee Hall

Hot Tuna, 4/28/2006, Acoustic, Merlefest Wilkesboro NC

Howlin Wolf, 2/23/1969, entire show, Chicago IL

Howlin Wolf, 6/20/1970, entire show, Big Duke’s Blue Flame Lounge

Huey Lewis, 03/26/1987, entire show, Portland, OR

Humble Pie, 1969-1971, 28 min, BBC Radio 1 Sessions

Humble Pie, 8/9/1970, 21 min, Klein Venedig

Humble Pie, 9/20/1970, entire studio, London

Iggy Pop, 11/29/1979, entire show, The Old Waldorf

Iggy Pop, 11/21/2019, entire show, Barbican Hall

Indigo Girls, 9/10/2013, entire show, Door County Auditorium

INXS, 3/31/1988, entire show, San Diego, CA

Iron & Wine, 4/12/2008, entire show, Revolution

Jack Johnson, 6/13/2003, 83 min, Bonnaroo

Jackie Greene, 6/9/2013, entire show, Hunter Mountain Ski Area

Jackson Browne, 5/18/1972, 28 min, Paris Theatre

Jackson Browne, 9/7/1975, entire show, Bryn Mawr, PA

Jackson Browne, 1978, BBC In Concert, Sheperd’s Theatre

Jackson Browne, 2/22/1978, entire show, Municipal Auditorium

Jackson Browne, 6/8/1978, entire show, Terrace Theatre

Jackson Browne, 7/18/1982, entire show, Montreux Jazz Festival

Jackson Browne with David Lindley, 5/19/1987, entire show, Santa Cruz, CA

Jackson Browne, 2/7/1994, entire show, KCRW Studio, Morning Becomes Eclectic

Jackson Browne, 3/11/1994, entire show, Sunrise FL

Jackson Browne, 4/11/2000, entire show, Fort Lauderdale FL

Jackson Browne, 11/11/2011, entire show + sound check, Hanford CA

Jackson Browne, Golden Slumbers Vol 1-5, entire, various

James Brown, 9/23/1974, entire show, Zaire, Africa

James Brown, 12/3/1974, 41 min, Hartford

James Brown, 6/29/1980, 49 min early show and entire late show, Red Creek Inn

James Brown, 4/12/1983, entire early and late shows, Houston TX

James Brown, 1/17/1987, entire show, Lone Star Café NY

James Brown, 6/28/1994, entire show, Boston MA

James Brown, 8/23/1997, entire show, Empire Expo Center

James Brown, 9/14/1997, entire show, Central Park

James Cotton Blues Band, 8/30/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

James Taylor, compilation of live recordings 1970 - 2003, 240 minutes, Various

James Taylor, 2/20/1970, entire show, Gymnasium at Worcester Jr. College

James Taylor, 7/28/1982, entire show, Westchester Theatre

Janice Joplin, various 62 - 70, 9 hrs, Blow all my blues away

Janice Joplin, 8/10/1962, 19 min, Coffee Gallery

Janice Joplin, 7/12/1967, entire show, California Hall

Janice Joplin, 2/12/1969, entire show, Fillmore East

Janice Joplin, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock Bethel NY

Janice Joplin, 8/30/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Janice Joplin with Full Tilt Boogie, 6/28/1970, entire show, Toronto

Janice Joplin with Full Tilt Boogie, 7/6/1970, entire show, Honolulu Hawaii

Janice Joplin with Full Tilt Boogie, 8/8/1970, 59 min, Capital Theater

Jeff Beck Group, 7/24/1968, 30 min, Fillmore West

Jeff Beck, 7/26/1968, entire show, Shrine Los Angeles CA

Jeff Beck, 7/27/1968, entire show, Shrine Los Angeles CA

Jeff Beck Group, 7/26/1969, entire show, Grande Ballroom

Jeff Beck Group, 6/29/1972, entire show, London, England

Jeff Beck Group, 7/23/1972, entire show, Roundhouse

Jeff Beck, 5/3/1975, entire late show, Boston MA

Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group, 7/3/1976, entire early show, Masonic Temple

Jeff Beck, 4/2/1999, entire show, Eagle’s Club Ballroom

Jeff Beck, 8/23/2003, entire show, Madison, WI

Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas, 9/2/2003, entire show, Wolftrap, Vienna, VA

Jeff Beck with Eric Clapton, 11/29/2007, entire show, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

Jeff Beck with The Big Town Playboys, 11/30/2007, entire show, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

Jeff Beck, 2/7/2009, entire show, Tokyo

Jeff Beck, 4/11/2009, entire show, MGM Grand at Foxwoods

Jeff Beck, 4/13/2009, entire show, House of Blues

Jefferson Airplane, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Jefferson Airplane, 10/14/1966, 40 min, Fillmore West

Jefferson Airplane, 3/4/1967, entire show, Café Au Go Go, NY

Jefferson Airplane, 3/5/1967, 36 min excerpts, Café Au Go Go, NY

Jefferson Airplane, 10/26/1968, entire show, Fillmore West

Jefferson Airplane, 9/6/1969, entire show, Family Dog San Fran

Jefferson Airplane, 9/14/1970, entire show, Fillmore West

Jefferson Airplane, 9/15/1970, entire early show, Fillmore West

Jefferson Starship, 4/6/1974, 90 min, Capitol Theatre NJ

Jefferson Starship, 10/3/1974, entire show, St. Louis MO

Jefferson Starship, 10/5/1974, 80 min, Cleveland OH

Jefferson Starship, 3/23/1975, entire show, Snack Benefit Kezar Stadium

Jefferson Starship, 5/25/1975, entire show, Long Beach Arena

Jefferson Starship, 8/19/1975, 43 min, Mississippi River Festival

Jefferson Starship, 11/5/1975, 40 min, Los Angeles CA

Jefferson Starship, 3/4/1980, entire show, Paramount Northwest Theater

Jefferson Starship, 7/5/1992, entire show, Carefree Th. West Palm Beach FL

Jefferson Starship, 10/2/1993, entire show, Alfred State University

Jefferson Starship, 8/9/1996, entire show, Stephen Talkhouse Amagansett, NY

Jefferson Starship, 3/25/2004, entire show, Yorkshire England

Jefferson Starship, 12/2/2007, entire show, Frazer, PA

Jenny Lewis, 8/13/2018, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

Jenny Lewis, 10/26/2019, entire show, The Met

Jerry Garcia (Bob and Jerry), 5/26/1961, 20 min, Menlo Park CA

Jerry Garcia (with Leicester and Hunter), 7/1961, 21 min, Boar’s Head Coffeehouse CA

Jerry Garcia (Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers), 6/11/1962, entire show, Boar’s Head Coffeehouse CA

Jerry Garcia (Hart Valley Drifters), Fall 1962, entire show, KZSU Radio Studio, CA

Jerry Garcia (The Wildwood Boys), 2/23/1963, entire show, Palo Alto CA

Jerry Garcia (Jerry and Sara), 5/4/1963, entire show, Palo Alto CA

Jerry Garcia (Black Mountain Boys), 1963 – 1964, 71 min, Palo Alto CA

Jerry Garcia (Black Mountain Boys), 3/6/1964, 9 min

Jerry Garcia, 5/??/1968, 45 min, Fillmore West

Jerry Garcia, 11/??/1970, 16 min, unknown studio

Jerry Garcia, 5/21/1968, 50 min, Carousel Ballroom

Jerry Garcia, 9/24/1971, entire early and late show, Lions Share San Anselmo CA

Jerry Garcia, 1/19/1972, 60 min, Lions Share San Anselmo CA

Jerry Garcia, 2/6/72, entire show, Pacific High Studios

Jerry Garcia, 12/20/1972 or 12/28/1972, entire show, Keystone Berkeley or Lions Share CA

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders, 1/23/1973, entire show, The Boarding House

Jerry Garcia, 1/25/1973, entire show, The Boarding House

Jerry Garcia, 7/8/1973, ?, Record Plant Sausaleto

Jerry Garcia, 6/4/1974, entire, Lions Share San Anselmo CA

Jerry Garcia, 6/6/1974, 1, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 8/11/1974, entire show, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 10/24/1975, entire early show, Boston MA

Jerry Garcia, 11/16/1975, 120 min, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 2/13/1976, entire show, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 2/21/1976a, entire show, La Paloma Theater

Jerry Garcia, 2/21/1976b, entire show, La Paloma Theater

Jerry Garcia, 7/9 – 7/10 1976, 2, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 9/12/1976, entire show, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 7/9/1977, entire show, Asbury Park NJ

Jerry Garcia, 7/23/1977, entire show, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 12/6/1977, entire show, C.W. Post Long Island NY

Jerry Garcia, 12/11/1977, entire show, University Park PA

Jerry Garcia, 3/18/1978, entire late show, Warner Theater Washington DC

Jerry Garcia, 12/21/1979, entire show, Keystone Palo Alto CA

Jerry Garcia, 2/15/1980, ?, Orpheum Theatre Boston MA

Jerry Garcia, 3/26/1980, entire show, Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia, 4/10/1982, entire early show, Capitol Theater NJ

Jerry Garcia, 5/5/1982, acoustic, Oregon State Prison

Jerry Garcia, 5/8/1982, entire. missing midnight moonlight, Berkeley CA

Jerry Garcia, 11/3/1982, entire show, New Orleans LA

Jerry Garcia, 1/22/1983, 1, Phoenix Theatre Petaluma CA

Jerry Garcia, 11/27/1983, entire show, Washington DC

Jerry Garcia, 3/2/1984, entire show, Palo Alto CA

Jerry Garcia, 3/9/1984, entire. missing second that emotion, Palo Alto CA

Jerry Garcia, 10/16/1985, 1/ + /2 (60 min), Catalyst Santa Cruz CA

Jerry Garcia and John Kahn, 1/27/1986, entire show, The Ritz

Jerry Garcia, 8/29/1987, entire show, French's Camp Eel River Piercy CA

Jerry Garcia, 12/4/1987, acoustic, Wiltern Theater Los Angeles CA

Jerry Garcia, 5/20/1989, 1, San Diego CA

Jerry Garcia, 6/10/1989, entire show, Electric On The Eel

Jerry Garcia, 9/16/1989, entire show, Poplar Creek Music Theatre

Jerry Garcia, 5/20/1990, entire show, Hilo Civic Auditorium Hawaii

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 2/3/1991, entire show, Warfield Theatre

Jerry Garcia, 8/10/1991, entire show, Electric On The Eel

Jerry Garcia, 11/15/1991, entire show, MSG

Jerry Garcia, 12/19/1992, entire video, San Francisco CA

Jerry Garcia, 11/11/1993, entire show, Providence RI

Jerry Garcia, 4/25/1994, entire show, San Francisco CA

Jerry Garcia, 9/24/1994, acoustic, Berkeley CA

Jerry Lee Lewis, 9/20/2008, entire show 24 min, Farm Aid Mansfield MA

Jesse Fuller, 4/24/1962, entire show, Chicago IL

Jethro Tull, 1/9/1969, 50 min, Stockholm Sweeden

Jethro Tull, 3/9/1969, entire show, Seattle WA

Jethro Tull, 12/14/1969, entire show, Aragon Ballroom

Jethro Tull, 8/16/1970, entire show, Chicago IL

Jethro Tull, 10/6/1970, entire show, Live at Seaside Jacksonville

Jethro Tull, 7/15/1972, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Jethro Tull, 7/23/1973, entire show, Oakland, CA

Jethro Tull, 10/6/1980, entire show, Hartford Civic Center

Jethro Tull, 6/27/1988, excerpts 20 min, Pier 88 NYC

Jim Croce, 11/15/1972, entire show, Agora Ballroom

Jim Croce, 2/2/1973, entire show, Harper College IL

Jim Croce, 7/29/1973, 28 min, Lido Club Leidsekade Amsterdam

Jim Croce, 8/25/1973, entire show, Schwenksville PA

Jimi Hendrix, 5/10/1967 – 7/30/1970, 107 min video

Jimi Hendrix, 9/4/1967, 28 min, Stockholm

Jimi Hendrix, 9/5/1967, 33 min, Stockholm

Jimi Hendrix, 9/10/1967, entire show, Sweden

Jimi Hendrix, 1968 - 1970, Unsurpassed Masters, Volumes 1-5, Studio

Jimi Hendrix, 3/17/1968, excerpt  25 min, Café A Go Go NY

Jimi Hendrix, 4/17/1968, solo apartment 30 min, Drake hotel NYC

Jimi Hendrix, 1/8/1968, entire show, Stockholm

Jimi Hendrix, 2/3/1968, entire show, Winterland

Jimi Hendrix, 10/10/1968, entire show, Winterland

Jimi Hendrix, 1/9/1969, 1 hr video, Stockholm Sweden

Jimi Hendrix, 1/16/1969, entire show, Meistersingerhalle

Jimi Hendrix, 2/24/1969, entire video, Royal Albert Hall London

Jimi Hendrix, 4/26/1969, entire show, L.A. Forum

Jimi Hendrix, 8/18/1969, entire show, Woodstock, Bethel NY

Jimi Hendrix, 12/31/1969, entire show, Fillmore East

Jimi Hendrix, 1/1/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

Jimi Hendrix, 5/30/1970, entire early show, Berkeley, CA

Jimi Hendrix, 7/4/1970, entire show, Byron GA

Jimi Hendrix, 8/30/1970, entire show, Isle of Wight Festival

Jimmy Buffett, 9/10/1975, entire show, The Boarding House

Jimmy Cliff, 6/5/2012, entire show 90 min, Prospect Park Bandshell NY

Joan Baez, 8/17/1963, entire show, Forrest Hills Tennis Stadium

Joan Baez, 5/1/1966, entire show, France

Joan Baez, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Joan Baez, 3/17/1973, entire show, Essen, Grugahalle

Joan Baez, 6/2/1974, entire show, Greek Theatre

Joan Baez, 3/23/1975, entire show, Snack Benefit Kezar Stadium

Joan Baez, 1/30/76, entire show, Cannes-France

Joan Baez and the Rolling Thunder Band, 5/3/1976, entire show. 32 min, New Orleans LA

Joan Baez, 5/21/1977, entire show, Orpheum Theatre

Joan Baez, 7/10/1979, entire show, Milwaukee

Joan Baez and the Grateful Dead, 1980, entire studio, Studio

Joan Baez, 12/31/1981, solo acoustic 14 min, Oakland CA

Joan Jett, 12/27/1980, entire show, The Bottom Line

Joan Jett, 5/1/1981, entire show, Malibu Nightclub, Long Island, NY

Joe Bonamassa, 7/25/2003, entire show, Van Wert, OH

Joe Bonamassa, 7/23/2004, entire show, WMSE Studios

Joe Bonamassa, 7/28/2007, entire show, Piazza Blues

Joe Bonamassa, 2/17/2010, entire show, BBC Maida Vale Studios

Joe Cocker, 1968, 31 min, BBC Radio Sessions

Joe Cocker and the Grease Band, 6/22/1969, entire early and late show, Eagles Auditorium

Joe Cocker, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Joe Cocker, 3/27/1972, entire show, Boston

Joe Cocker, 8/1/1982, entire show, The Chance

Joe Cocker, 6/6/1986, entire show, Verona Italy

Joe Cocker, 11/18/2012, entire show, Cologne Germany

Joe Jackson, 4/26/1979, entire show, Washington DC

Joe Jackson, 5/6/1979, entire show, Denver CO

Joe Jackson, 8/31/1979, entire show, Hempstead NY

Joe Jackson, 2/16/1980, entire show, Boston MA

Joe Jackson, 11/27/1982, entire show, Jamaica World Music Festival

Joe Jackson, 6/27/2019, entire show, Theater am Aegi

John Coltrane, 9/25/1958, entire show, Joe Brazil’s Basement

John Coltrane, 11/20/1961, entire show, Copenhagen, Denmark

John Coltrane Quartet and Quintet, 11/22/1961, 45 min second show, Helsinki, Finland

John Coltrane Quartet, 1/19/1963, entire show, University Park PA

John Coltrane, 10/26/1963, entire show, Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen

John Coltrane, 4/2/1965, ?, Half Note NYC

John Cougar Mellencamp, 10/10/1980, entire show, The Bottom Line

John Cougar Mellencamp, 7/25/1984, entire acoustic, Cleveland OH

John Cougar Mellencamp, 4/9/1986, entire show, Oakland

John Cougar Mellencamp, 10/7/1987, entire studio, Bloomington IN

John Cougar Mellencamp, 3/4/1988, entire show, Los Anados Hotel

John Cougar Mellencamp, 7/4/1992, entire show, Noblesville IN

John Cougar Mellencamp, 9/13/1996, entire show, Hamburg

John Cougar Mellencamp, 7/23/1999, 25 min, Sessions at West 54th St

John Cougar Mellencamp, 11/11/2004, entire show, Bloomington IN

John Cougar Mellencamp, 3/27/2015, entire show, Charlotte NC

John Denver, live 1969 compilation, 205 minutes, Granville and Cincinnati OH

John Hammond, 11/14/1984, entire show, SUNY Binghamton, NY

John Lee Hooker and the Coast to Coast Blues Band, 4/4/1979, entire set, Bellstar Lounge

John Lennon, 1970, entire piano compositions

John Lennon and Yoko Ono with Frank Zappa, 6/5/1971, 24 min video, Fillmore East

John Prine, 1/16/1975, entire show, Ann Arbor MI

John Prine & Steve Goodman, 8/8/1976, entire show, BBC Studios London

John Prine, 6/11/1978, entire show, The Bottom Line

John Prine, 7/13/1978, entire show, My Father’s Place

John Prine, 5/4/1990, entire show, New Orleans Jazz Festival

John Prine, 6/21/1991, entire show, Penns Landing PA

John Prine, 8/14/1992, entire show, Wolf Trap

John Prine, 12/18/1992, entire show, The District

John Prine, 9/18/1995, entire show, Flynn Theater

John Prine, 10/7/1995, entire show, Paramount Theatre

John Prine, 6/6/1999, entire show, Pabst Theater

John Prine, 11/7/2009, entire show, ?

John Prine, 11/9/2007, entire show, Fox Theatre

John Prine, 11/21/2009, entire show, Fox Theatre

John Sebastian, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Johnny Cash, 11/12/1956, entire show, Country Style USA Radio

Johnny Cash, 6/28/1959, entire show, Guest Star Radio

Johnny Cash, 6/22/1963, entire show, Hollywood Bowl

Johnny Cash, 2/24/1969, entire show, San Quentin State Prison

Johnny Cash, 12/5/1969, entire show, MSG

Johnny Cash, 10/3/1972, entire show Osteraker Prison, Sweden

Johnny Cash, 10/27/1972, entire show, Oral Roberts University Center

Johnny Cash and Friends, 3/25/1973, entire show, East Hobart Tasmania

Johnny Cash, 9/3/1973, entire show, Free Trade Hall Manchester UK

Johnny Cash, 9/21/1975, entire show, London Palladium

Johnny Cash, 10/2/1976, entire show, Wheeling WV

Johnny Cash, 4/11/1978, entire show, Prague

Johnny Cash, 4/1/1984, entire show, Jones Country Park

Johnny Cash, 3/31/1986, entire show, Wembley Arena

Johnny Cash, 6/9/1994, entire video 46 min, Manhattan Center

Johnny Cash, 12/8/1994, entire show, University of Texas

Johnny Cash, 9/7/1996, entire show, Irvine Plaza NYC

Johnny Cash, 7/5/2003, excerpt 30 min, Carter Family Fold Hiltons VA

Johnny Winter, 8/18/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Johnny Winter, 9/1/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Johnny Winter, 9/17/1970, entire show, Chicago

Johnny Winter, 7/17/2004, entire show, Clinton Square

Johnny Winter, 7/12/2007, entire show, Times Cinema

Joni Mitchell, 7/7/1969, entire show, Edwardsville IL

Joni Mitchell, 11/29/1969, entire show, Alden Memorial Auditorium

Joni Mitchell, 9/3/1970, entire video, BBC Television London

Joni Mitchell, 2/16/1972, entire show, Paramount Northwest Theatre

Joni Mitchell, 2/23/1972, entire show, Carnegie Hall

Joni Mitchell, 2/28/1972, entire show, Boston

Joni Mitchell, 4/15/1973, 24 min, Benefit Concert for the James Bay Indians

Joni Mitchell, 2/6/1974, entire show, Radio City Music Hall

Joni Mitchell, 3/12/1974, entire show, Seattle Center

Joni Mitchell, 4/22/1974, 89 min, London BBC

Joni Mitchell and the LA Express, 2/19/1976, entire show, Boston

Joni Mitchell, 9/2-3/1978, 29 min, Bread and Roses Festival

Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne, 5/6/1979, entire show, Capitol Steps

Joni Mitchell, 8/25/1979, entire show, Forest Hills NY

Joni Mitchell, 9/7/1979, entire show, San Franciso Civic Auditorium

Joni Mitchell, 9/8/1979, entire show, San Franciso Civic Auditorium

Joni Mitchell, 9/14/1979, entire show, Greek Theatre Los Angeles

Joni Mitchell, 9/16/1979, entire show, Greek Theatre Los Angeles

Joni Mitchell, 3/7/1983, entire show, Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo

Joni Mitchell, 3/23/1983, entire show, Sydney Australia

Joni Mitchell, 4/27/1983, entire show, The Hague Netherlands

Joni Mitchell, 7/30/1983, entire show, Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Joni Mitchell, 3/30/1991, entire show/interview, CBC Toronto Studio

Joni Mitchell, 1/26/1995, entire show, Gene Autry Museum

Joni Mitchell, 5/16/1998, entire show, George WA

Joni Mitchell, 5/17/1998, entire show, George WA

Joni Mitchell, 5/22/1998, entire show, Inglewood CA

Joni Mitchell, 8/15/1998, entire show, Bethel NY

Judas Priest, 5/8/1981, entire show, Chicago IL

Judy Collins, 11/8/1981, entire show, Milwaukee WI

Judy Collins, 9/26/1997, entire show, Kenai Alaska

Kansas, 12/2/1975, entire show, Pittsburgh PA

Kansas, 12/31/1977, entire show, Long Beach CA

Kansas, 8/22/1981, entire show, Baarlo, The Netherlands

Keef Hartley Band, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Kingfish, 6/17/1975, entire show, Winterland

Kiss, 6/16/1973, entire show, Live at the Daisy Amityville

Kiss, 9/4/1977, 23 min, Ft. Worth TX

Kiss, 8/9/1995, 33 min, MTV Unplugged

Kiss, 8/14/2010, entire video, Jones Beach

Kris Kristofferson & Friends, 4/22/1973, entire show, Record Plant, Sausalito, CA

Kris Kristofferson, 6/23/2017, entire show, Pilton England

Led Zeppelin, 3/17/1969, 34 min, Danmarks Radio

Led Zeppelin, 4/27/1969, entire show, Fillmore West

Led Zeppelin, 8/31/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Led Zeppelin, 1/9/1970, 86 min, Royal Albert Hall

Led Zeppelin, 4/1/1971, 90 min, Paris Theater

Led Zeppelin, 9/4/1971, 47 min, Maple Leaf Gardens

Led Zeppelin, 9/29/1971, 90 min, Osaka

Led Zeppelin, 1/18/1975, entire show, Met Center

Led Zeppelin, 2/10/1975, entire show, Landover MD

Led Zeppelin, 2/12/1975, entire show, MSG, NY

Led Zeppelin, 3/21/1975, entire show, Seattle Center

Led Zeppelin, 3/24/1975, 67 min, Inglewood CA

Legion Of Mary, 11/28,29/1974, 1 +/2, Great Amer Music Hall San Fran CA

Legion Of Mary, 2/14/1975, entire show, The Generosity, San Francisco, CA

Legion Of Mary, 4/12/1975, 1, Masonic Th PA

Legion Of Mary, 5/21/1975, entire show, Keystone Berkeley

Leo Kottke, 11/27/1988, entire show, Ordway Theatre

Leon Redbone, 10/8/1982, entire show, Cotati Cabaret CA

Leon Redbone, 6/14/1984, entire show, Portland

Leon Russell, 11/21/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

Leonard Cohen, Spring 1968, entire show, Paris, London

Leonard Cohen, 8/30/1970, entire show, Isle of Wight, UK

Leonard Cohen, 11/1/1979, entire show, Jahrhunderthalle

Leonard Cohen, 10/30/1980, entire show, Concertgebouw Amsterdam Netherlands

Leonard Cohen, 11/5/1980, entire show, Eppelheim

Leonard Cohen, 2/28/1985, entire show, Birmingham, U.K.

Leonard Cohen, 3/13/1985, entire show + sound check, Hannover, West Germany

Leonard Cohen, 7/6/1985, entire show, Vienna Austria

Leonard Cohen, 7/9/1985, entire show, Montreux Switzerland

Leonard Cohen, 4/18/1988, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

Leonard Cohen, 5/30/1988, entire. missing avalanche, Royal Albert Hall London UK

Leonard Cohen, 6/24/1988, entire show, Reykjavik, Iceland

Leonard Cohen, 5/21/1993, entire show, Zurich Switzerland

Leonard Cohen, 5/26/1993, entire show, Hamburg Germany

Leonard Cohen, 10/29/2008, entire show, Frankfurt, Germany

Leonard Cohen, 2/1/2009, entire show, New South Wales Australia

Leonard Cohen, 2/19/2009, entire show, Beacon Theatre NY

Leonard Cohen, 11/12/2009, entire show, Las Vegas Nevada

Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, 7/13/2002, entire show, Moe. Or Les Festival, Marvin's Mountaintop, Masontown, WV

Levon Helm Band, 6/20/2008, entire show, Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing

Levon Helm, 11/4/2010, entire show, Pompano Beach Amphitheatre

Lightnin’ Hopkins, 4/6/1964, entire show, Swarthmore College Folk Festival

Linda Ronstadt, 2/13/1974, 35 min, Michigan Palaca

Linda Ronstadt, 9/25/1975a, entire show, San Jose

Linda Ronstadt, 9/25/1975b, entire show, San Jose

Linda Ronstadt, 12/6/1976, entire show, Boston Music Hall

Linda Ronstadt, 10/3/1977, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Linda Ronstadt, 12/1/1977, entire show, Atlanta, GA

Linda Ronstadt, 7/22/1983, entire show, Boston Common

Linda Ronstadt, 10/22/1990, entire show, Pacific Amphitheatre

Little Feat, 4/10/1973, entire show, Ultrasonic Sound Studio Hempstead LI NY

Little Feat, 9/19/1974, entire show, Ultrasonic Studios

Little Feat, 9/1/1975, entire show, London UK

Little Feat, 10/18/1975, entire show, Rochester NY

Little Feat, 1/6/1976, entire show, Urbana IL

Little Feat, 5/10/1976, entire show, Washington DC

Little Feat, 5/31/1976, 45 min, London UK

Little Feat, 6/19/1976, 49 min, Stuttgart Germany

Little Feat, 8/8/1977, excerpts, Washington DC

Little Feat, 9/30/1978, entire show, Springfield MA

Little Feat, 10/14/1978, entire show, Grand Rapids MI

Loretta Lynn, 5/16/2002, entire show, Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium

Los Banditos, 3/31/2006, entire show + sound check + video, La Oveja Negra, Astoria NY

Los Lobos, 7/7/1996, entire show, Hartford CT

Los Lobos, 2/26/2000, 21 min, Fillmore West

Lou Rawls, 6/27/2004, entire show, Onondaga County Community Collage

Lou Reed, 1970, 31 min, Acoustic Demos

Lou Reed, 1/27/1973, entire show, Alice Tully Hall

Lou Reed, 5/14/1974, entire show, Konserthuset

Lou Reed, 5/25/1974, entire show, Olympia Music Hall

Lou Reed, 10/9/1974, 20 min, Felt Forum, NY

Lou Reed, 10/27/1974, 65 min, Palace Theatre, Dayton

Lou Reed, 11/8/1974, entire show, Chalmette LA

Lou Reed, 10/23/1976, entire show, Akron

Lou Reed, 10/29/1976, 87 min, Orpheum Theatre

Lou Reed, 12/1/1976, entire show, Roxy Theatre

Lou Reed, 11/1/1977, entire show, The Regent Theater

Lou Reed, 5/27/1980, 101 min, Agora Theatre

Lou Reed, 10/3/1984, entire show, Agora

Lou Reed, 4/15/1989, entire show, Paramount Theater

Lou Reed, 10/7/1993, entire show, Guggenheim Museum

Lou Reed, 2/20/1997, entire 75 min rehearsal, Hard Rock Café

Loudon Wainwright III, 11/x/1972, entire show, WMMS Studio, Cleveland, OH

Louis Armstrong, 5/8/1954, entire show, Chapel Hill NC

Louis Armstrong and The Allstars, 12/31/1954, 15 min, Downbeat Club

Louis Armstrong, 4/14/1962, entire show, Hamburg

Louis Armstrong, 7/26/1967, entire show, Juan-les-Pins, France

Lucinda Williams, 4/14/1985, entire show, KPFK Folkscene

Lucinda Williams, 3/6/2007, entire show, Rialto Theater

Lucinda Williams, 6/22/2014, entire show, Clearwater Festival

Lucinda Williams, 1/26/2016, entire show, Berlin Germany

Lucinda Williams, 8/2/2019, entire show, Town Hall, Birmingham

Lucinda Williams, 8/3/2019, entire show, Cambridge Folk Festival

Lynyrd Skynyrd, 3/19/1975, 46 min, Chatanooga TN

Lynyrd Skynyrd, 11/7/1975, 18 min radio broadcast, Paris France

Lynyrd Skynyrd, 3/7/1976, entire show, Winterland

Lynyrd Skynyrd, 2/4/1977, entire show, Manchester England

Lynyrd Skynyrd, 9/6/1988, entire show, The Ritz NY

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, 11/20/1973, entire show, Golders Green Hippodrome London

Maria Muldaur, 12/2/1972, entire early and late show, Yale University

Maria Muldaur, 1/30/1974, entire show, Denver CO

Marianne Faithfull, 6/4/1982, 64 min, Paris

Marshall Crenshaw and Band, 6/15/2002, entire show, Somerville MA

Marshall Tucker Band, 9/3/1977, entire show, Englishtown NJ

Marvin Gaye, 11/13/1979, entire show, Budokan

Mavis Staples, 9/25/2014, entire show, Kahului, Maui

Melanie, 8/15/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Men at Work, 12/2/1982, entire show, Hamburg

Merl Saunders, 10/3/1978, entire show, San Francisco CA

Metallica, 2/3/1989, entire show, Frank Erwin Center

Michael Franti & Spearhead, 7/12/2008, XPoNential Music Festival

Michelle Shocked, 1986, entire acoustic set, Texas Campfire Tapes Kerrville Folk Festival

Mick Taylor, 11/15/1986, entire show, North Hollywood CA

Mickey Hart Band, 7/23/2008, entire show, Slow Down

Mickey Hart Band, 12/9/2011, entire show, Fox Theater

Mike Bloomfield, 2/19/1971, 49 min, San Bernardino CA

Miles Davis Sextet, 2/18/1950, 22 min, WNYC radio broadcast

Miles Davis, Lester Young Bud Powell & Rene Urtreger trio, 11/7/1956, 41 min, Hamburg, Germany

Miles Davis Quintet, 7/13/1957, 15 min, Café Bohemia

Miles Davis Quintet, 5/17/1958, 20 min, Café Bohemia

Miles Davis, 4/2/1959, 26 min video, CBS Studio 61

Miles Davis Sextet, 8/25/1959, 24 min, Birdland

Miles Davis, 3/22/1960, entire early show, Stockholm Sweden

Miles Davis Quintet, 4/8/1960, 56 min, The Kongresshaus

Miles Davis, 9/20/1963, 51 min, Monterey, CA

Miles Davis Quintet, 10/8/1964, entire show, Stadthalle

Miles Davis Quintet, 5/21/1966, entire show, Portland OR

Miles Davis Quintet, 4/7/1967, 56 min, Harmon Gymnasium

Miles Davis Quintet, 11/1/1967, 49 min, Kulttuuritalolla

Miles Davis Quintet, 11/6/1967, entire show, Salle Pleyel

Miles Davis, 2/21/1970, 39 min, Hill Auditorium

Miles Davis Sextet, 4/9/1970, entire show, Fillmore West

Miles Davis, 4/12/1970, 78 min, Fillmore West

Miles Davis Septet, 10/15/1970, 64 min, Fillmore West

Miles Davis Sextet, 11/17/1970, 64 min, Electric Factory

Miles Davis, 12/18/1970, entire late set, Cellar Door Washington DC

Miles Davis, 10/27/1971, 90 min, Paris

Miles Davis, 10/29/1971, 60 min, Rotterdam

Miles Davis Septext, 11/9/1971, 79 min, Chateau Neuf

Miles Davis, 4/13/1973, entire show, Washington DC

Miles Davis, 6/19/1973, entire show, Tokyo

Miles Davis, 7/10/1973, entire show, Rainbow Theatre, London

Miles Davis, 10/17/1973, 2, Boston MA

Miles Davis, 11/1/1973, 48 minutes, Berlin

Miles Davis, 11/3/1973, entire show, Stadthalle, Vienna

Miles Davis Septet, 11/7/1973, entire show, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Miles Davis, 1/22/1975, entire show, Tokyo

Miles Davis Sextet, 7/28/1981, entire show, Warner Theater

Miles Davis, 9/4/1981a, entire show, Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Miles Davis Sextet, 10/3/1981, entire show, Tokyo

Miles Davis, 10/11/1981a, entire show, Sun Palace

Miles Davis Septet, 2/3/1982, entire show, Cullen Auditorium

Miles Davis, 4/25/1982, entire show, Teatro Tenda Pianeta

Miles Davis, 4/26/1982, entire show, Springs Anew Rome

Miles Davis Sextet, 4/28/1982, entire show, Congresgebouw

Miles Davis Sextet, 5/3/1982, entire show, Paris

Miles Davis Sextet, 5/8/1982, entire show, Brussels

Miles Davis Sextet, 7/17/1982a, entire show, Dr Pepper Music Festivsl

Miles Davis, 8/2/1982, entire show, Berkeley

Miles Davis Sextet, 8/3/1982b, entire show, The Hollywood Bowl

Miles Davis Septet, 12/31/1982a, entire show, MSG

Miles Davis Septet, 1/29/1983, entire early and late shows, Denver CO

Miles Davis, 4/13/1983, 91 min, Paris

Miles Davis Septet, 5/20/1983a, entire show, Sendai Japan

Miles Davis Septet, 5/24/1983, entire show, Nagoya Japan

Miles Davis Septet, 5/25/1983b, entire show, Osaka Japan

Miles Davis Septet, 5/29/1983b, entire show, Tokyo

Miles Davis Septet, 6/13/1983a, entire show, Heinz Hall

Miles Davis, 10/22/1983b, entire show, Sala Kongresova

Miles Davis and Chick Corea, 7/7/1984, 60 min, Austria

Miles Davis, 7/27/1984, entire show, Molde, Norway

Miles Davis Septet, 11/6/1984, entite show, Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

Miles Davis, 7/15/1985, entire show, Nice

Miles Davis, 11/2/1985, entire show, Zurich

Miles Davis, 4/6/1986, entire show, Beacon Theatre

Miles Davis, 6/15/1986, 26 min video, Amnesty International

Miles Davis, 7/16/1986, entire show, Nice

Miles Davis, 8/29/1986, entire show, Pittsburgh PA

Miles Davis, 8/30/1986, meat of show 75 min, Baltimore MD

Miles Davis, 11/6/1986, entire show, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Miles Davis, 6/30/1987, entire show, Paris

Miles Davis, 7/25/1987, entire late show, Tokyo

Miles Davis Octet, 10/18/1987, entire show, Antwerp Belgium

Miles Davis, 11/24/1987, entire show, Fabrik, Altona

Miles Davis Octet, 2/16/1988, entire show, Mirimas France

Miles Davis, 6/3/1989, entire show, Altanta, GA

Miles Davis and Modorn Jazz Sep, 9/5/1989, 85 min late show, Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA

Miles Davis, 7/17/1990, entire show, Nice

Mississipi John Hurt, 1928-1966, 380 min, Various Studio Sessions

Mississipi John Hurt, 5/22/1966, entire show, Central High School

Molly Hatchet, 2/11/1978, 58 min, Stars, PA

Molly Hatchet, 4/19/1979, entire show, Louisville Gardens

Molly Hatchet, 12/31/1980, entire show, Lakeland, FL

Molly Hatchet, 12/5/1981, 47 min, Palladium

Morphine, 5/15/1994, entire show, Boulder CO

Morphine, 3/23/1997, 20 min, WHFS Annapolis

Morphine, 7/24/1997, 34 min, Maryland Heights MO

Morrissey, 10/1/1992, entire show, University of Colorado Fieldhouse

Mother McCrees Uptown Jug Champions, 07/17/1964, ?, The Tangent Palo Alto CA

Mountain, 8/16/69, entire show, Woodstock

Mountain, 6/28/1971, 50 min, Fillmore East

Muddy Waters, 10/18/1968, entire show, La Salle Pleyel

Muddy Waters, 11/11/1976, entire show, Torino Italy

Muddy Waters, 3/4/1977, entire. missing hideaway, Palladium NY

Muddy Waters, 5/14/1977, entire show, San Francisco CA

Muddy Waters, 10/18/1977, entire show, CW Post University

Neil Young, 3/6/1970, ?, ?

Neil Young, 1/19/1971, entire acoustic, Massey Hall Toronto

Neil Young, 2/9/2000, 19 min sbd, Arco Arena Sacramento CA

Neil Young, 9/19/2000, entire show, Red Rocks

Neil Young, 4/22/2003, 32 min sbd, Circus Stockholm Sweden

Neil Young, 9/20/2008, entire show 45 min, Farm Aid Mansfield MA

Nico with the Blue Orchids, 10/6/1982, entire show, Roskilde Denmark

Nirvana , 10/31/1991, entire show, Paramount Theatre Seattle

Nirvana, 7/3/1992, entire show, Madrid Spain

Nirvana, 9/1993, 43 min, “hole tapes”

Nirvana, 2/22/1994, entire show, Rome Italy

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 3/22/2003, entire show, Live Oak, FL

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 4/28/2007, entire show, Wilkes Community College

NRPS (New Riders of the Purple Sage), 8/1/1969, entire show, Bear’s Lair

NRPS, 8/7/1969, entire show, Matrix San Francisco CA

NRPS, 8/28/1969, entire show, The Family Dog

NRPS, 8/29/1969, 12 min, The Family Dog

NRPS, 8/30/1969, 7 min, The Family Dog

NRPS, 5/2/1970, entire show, Binghampton NY

NRPS, 5/3/1970, 30 min, Middletown CT

NRPS, 5/7/1970, entire show, Cambridge MA

NRPS, 5/14/1970, entire show, Merramac College Kirkwood MI

NRPS, 5/15/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 6/24/1970, entire show, Capitol Th Port Chester NY

NRPS, 7/11/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 8/18/1970, 21 min, Fillmore West

NRPS, 9/17/1970, all that circulates, Fillmore East

NRPS, 9/18/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 9/19/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 9/20/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 10/23/1970, entire show, Washington DC

NRPS, 10/24/1970, 43 min, St. Louis MO

NRPS, 10/30/1970, entire show, SUNY Stony Brook

NRPS, 10/31/1970, entire show, SUNY Stony Brook

NRPS, 11/6/1970a, entire show, Port Chester NY

NRPS, 11/7/1970a, entire show, Port Chester NY

NRPS, 11/8/1970, entire show, Port Chester NY

NRPS, 2/18/1971, entire show, Port Chester NY

NRPS, 4/25/1971, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 4/26/1971, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 4/27/1971, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 4/28/1971, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 4/29/1971, entire show, Fillmore East

NRPS, 8/6/1971, entire show, Hollywood Palladium

NRPS, 8/14/1971, entire show, Berkeley

NRPS, 10/29/1971, entire show, Cleveland OH

NRPS, 11/20/1971, entire show, Rochester NY

NRPS, 12/4/1971, entire show, MSG

NRPS, 5/7/1972, entire show, Bickershaw Festival England

NRPS, 5/26/1972, entire show, Lyceum London

NRPS, 12/2/1972, entire show, Kingston RI

NRPS, 12/31/1972, entire show, Winterland

NRPS, 3/18/1973, entire show, Felt Forum MSG NY

NRPS, 3/19/1973, entire show, Nassau Colliseum

NRPS, 4/2/1973, entire show, Boston

NRPS, 4/4/1973, 14 min, ?

NRPS, 5/26/1973, entire show, San Francisco CA

NRPS, 7/14/1973, entire show, Summerfest Milwaukee WI

NRPS 7/21/1973, entire late show, Capital Theater

NRPS, 8/27/1973, entire early show, Boston MA

NRPS, 10/2/1973, entire show, Hell’s Angels Legal Aid Benefit

NRPS, 8/16/1974, entire show, Cape Cod Colliseum

NRPS, 5/30/1976, entire show, City Park Stadium

NRPS, 4/27/1977, entire show, Chicago IL

NRPS, 9/3/1977, entire show, Englishtown NJ

NRPS, 12/31/1978, entire show, Winterland

NRPS, 10/18/1979, entire show, Nassau Coliseum

NRPS, 12/31/1981, entire show, Oakland CA

Old And In The Way, 4/16/1973, ?, Boarding House San Fran

Old And In The Way, 4/21/1973, entire show, Sausalito CA

Ornette Coleman, 8/29/1965, entire show, London, England

Ornette Coleman Quartet, 11/11/1971, entire show, Sartori Saal in Cologne Germany

Ornette Coleman, 11/12/1994, entire show, Masonic Auditorium

Otis Redding, 7/1965, 37 minutes, Europe

Otis Redding, 1967, 20 min, Birmingham, England

Otis Redding, 6/4/1967, 25 min, Stockholm, Sweden

Outlaws, 2/18/1979, entire show, Nassau Coliseum

Outlaws, 11/10/1986, entire late show, The Bottom Line

Pat Benatar, 11/10/1980, entire show, The Bottom Line

Pat Metheny Group, 3/27/1981, entire show, Houston TX

Patsy Cline, 6/1960, 15 min, Country Style USA

Patti Smith, 12/27/1975, entire late show, Bottom Line NY

Patti Smith, 1/30/1976, 50 min, The Roxy

Patti Smith, 5/9/1978, entire show, Eugene OR

Patti Smith, 12/17/1995, 45 min, Electric Factory, PA

Patti Smith, 10/30/1997, entire show, CBGB’s NY

Patti Smith, 8/8/2001, entire show, Fillmore West

Patti Smith, 12/29/2003, entire show, Bowery Ballroom

Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 10/14/1966, 50 min, Fillmore West

Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 8/18/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Paul Kantner's Wooden Ship, 12/30/1992, entire early and late, Musicians Exchange, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Paul McCartney and John Lennon, 3/28/1974, entire, A Toot and a Snore - Studio

Paul McCartney, May – June 1979, entire, Lympne Castle Sessions

Paul McCartney, 4/1/1990, entire show, Berkeley, CA

Paul McCartney, 6/28/1990, 74 min, Liverpool England

Paul McCartney, 7/4/1990, entire show, RFK Stadium

Paul McCartney, 6/15/1993, entire show, Blockbuster Pavillion

Paul McCartney, 9/27/2002, entire show, Hartford Civic Center

Paul Simon, ??/??/1964, entire show, Flushing NY

Paul Simon, 9/28/1991, entire show, Pacific Amphitheater

Paul Simon, 6/13/2001, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Paul Simon 7/10/2001, entire show, Molson Amphitheater

Paul Simon, 5/25/2006, entire show, London England

Paul Simon, 11/13/2011, entire show, Rosemont IL

Paul Simon, 9/20/2018, entire show, MSG NY

Pentangle, 7/23/1992, entire show, Northampton MA

Pete Seeger with Big Bill Broonzy, 10/25/1956, entire show, Evanston, IL

Pete Seeger, 10/13/1957, 59 min, University of Chicago

Pete Seeger, 5/12/1969, entire show, CBC TV Studios Montreal QC

Pete Townshend, 8/3/1993, entire show, Berkeley CA

Peter Frampton (Frampton’s Camel), 8/23/1972, 27 min, Paris Theater

Peter Frampton, 5/4/1973, 19 min, Academy of Music

Peter Frampton (Frampton’s Camel), 7/3/1973, entire show, New Orleans LA

Peter Frampton (Frampton’s Camel), 3/6/1974, entire show, Denver CO

Peter Frampton, 2/4/1975, entire show, Electric Ballroom

Peter Frampton, 12/2/1975, entire show, MSU Auditorium

Peter Frampton, 1/21/1976, entire show, Cobo Arena

Peter Frampton, 4/30/1976, entire show, Seattle WA

Peter Frampton, 7/4/1979, entire show, Fort Worth TX

Peter Frampton, 4/12/2017, entire show, Paramount Th VT

Peter Gabriel, 9/30/1980, entire show, Palasport, Italy

Peter Gabriel, 7/3/1983, entire show, Werchterpark, Belgium

Peter Rowan and Vassar Clements, 8/27/1985, 32 min, Berhskire Mt Music Fest

Peter Stampfel, 7/16/2005, entire show, WBAI studio NY

Phil & Friends - Bob Dylan , 11/13/1999, entire show, Continental Arena NJ

Phil & Friends, 4/15/2000, entire show, Tower Theatre  PA

Phil & Friends, 12/17/2004, entire show, San Francisco CA

Phil & Friends, 12/18/2004, entire show, San Francisco CA

Phil & Friends, 12/19/2004, entire show, San Francisco CA

Phil & Friends, 2/12/2005, entire show, San Francisco CA

Phil & Friends, 5/13/2005, entire show, San Francisco CA

Phil & Friends, 11/22/2005, entire show, Newark NJ

Phish, 3/22/1993, entire show, Sacramento CA

Pigpen, 1966, 52 min, Apartment Solo Acoustic Demo San Fran CA

Pigpen, 1970, 65 min, Studio

Pink Floyd, 1966, 30 min, London studio

Pink Floyd, 5/6/1968, 22 min, Rome Italy

Pink Floyd, 5/9/1969, 50 min, Univ of Southampton Hempshire UK

Pink Floyd, 5/12/1969, 19 min, London

Pink Floyd, 8/9/1969, 42 min, Amsterdam Netherlands

Pink Floyd, 9/17/1969, entire show, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pink Floyd, 11/21/1969, entire show, Aztex Cassino Montroz Switzerland

Pink Floyd, 3/14/1970, entire show, Live at Meistersinger Halle West Germany

Pink Floyd, 4/29/1970, entire show, Fillmore West

Pink Floyd, 7/16/1970, 49 min, Paris Theater

Pink Floyd, 10/23/1970, entire show, Santa Monica

Pink Floyd, 11/21/1970, 76 min, Altes Casino

Pink Floyd, 12/22/1970, entire show, City Hall, Sheffield

Pink Floyd, 2/13/1971, entire show, Hampshire England

Pink Floyd, 9/18/1971, entire show, Festival de Musique Classique

Pink Floyd, 9/30/1971, entire show, Paris Cinema

Pink Floyd, 10/4/1971, 67 min, Pompeii

Pink Floyd, 10/16/1971, entire show, Santa Monica CA

Pink Floyd, 11/16/1971, entire show, Lisner Auditorium

Pink Floyd, 2/17/1972, 42 min, Rainbow Theater

Pink Floyd, 2/20/1972, entire show, Rainbow Theatre

Pink Floyd, 4/16/1972, entire show, Columbia SC

Pink Floyd, 10/21/1972, entire show, Wembly London

Pink Floyd, 10/12/1973, entire show, Munchen West Germany

Pink Floyd, 11/16/1974, 80 min, Wembly London

Pink Floyd, 11/17/1974, 182 min, Empire Pool

Pink Floyd, 12/14/1974, entire show, Colston Hall, England

Pink Floyd, 4/8/1975, entire show, Vancouver BC

Pink Floyd, 4/26/1975, entire show, Los Angeles, CA

Pink Floyd, 6/17/1975, entire show, Uniondale NY

Pink Floyd, 6/18/1975, entire show, Boston

Pink Floyd, 1/29/1977, 52 min, West Berlin

Pink Floyd, 5/1/1977, entire show, Fort Worth TX

Pink Floyd, 5/9/1977, entire show, Oakland CA

Pink Floyd, 6/17/1977, second set, Freedom Hall

Pink Floyd, 6/27/1977, entire show Boston

Pink Floyd, 7/6/1977, entire show, Montreal

Pink Floyd, 2/13/1980, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Pink Floyd, 8/6/1980, entire show, London England

Pink Floyd, 6/16/1981, entire show, London England

Pink Floyd, 6/17/1981, entire show, London England

Pink Floyd, 10/19/1987, entire show, Capital Center

Pink Floyd, 11/1/1987, entire show, Miami FL

Pink Floyd, 6/6/1994, entire show, Carrier Dome

Pink Floyd, 6/22/1994, entire show, Minneapolis MN

Planet Drum, 11/17/1991, excerpts 41 min, Los Angeles CA

Planet Drum, 11/27/1991, entire show, Carnegie Hall NYC

Planet Drum, 6/20/1997, entire show, Further Festival

Planet Drum, 7/9/1997, entire show, Molson Amphitheater

Planet Drum, 7/12/1997, entire show, Further Festival

Planet Drum, 7/13/1997, entire show, Further Festival

Planet Drum, 7/16/1997, entire show, Further Festival

Planet Drum, 7/20/1997, entire show, Further Festival

Planet Drum, 7/27/1997, entire show, Further Festival

Primus, 7/24/1997, entire show, Maryland Heights MO

Primus, 7/31/2010, entire show, Bridgeport CT

Primus, 12/31/2015, entire show, Fox Theater Oakland, CA

Primus, 12/31/2016, entire show, Fox Theater Oakland, CA

Procol Harum, 1967 – 1971, 69 min, compilation of BBC sessions

Procol Harum, 4/1969, 53 min, Fillmore West

Procol Harum, 4/1969, 24 min, The Troubadour, Los Angeles

Pure Prairie League, 8/12/1979, entire show, Belmont Park Race Track

Queen, 3/3/1977, entire show, Inglewood, CA

Queen, 6/7/1977, entire video, London UK

Queen, 2/27 – 3/1/ 1979, 62 min, Pavillion de Paris

Queen, 10/19/1984, entire show, Bophuthatswana

Quick Silver Messenger Service, 6/7/1968, entire show, Fillmore East

Quick Silver Messenger Service, 2/19/1971, entire show, San Bernadino CA

Quill, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

R. L . Burnside, 10/2/1998, entire show, New Orleans LA

Radiohead, 5/2/1995, entire show, Rome Italy

Radiohead, 11/6/1995, entire show, Cambridge UK

Rage Against The Machine, 2/2/1993, entire show, Stockholm, Sweden

Railroad Earth, 3/22/2002, entire show, Live Oak FL

Railroad Earth, 7/24/2004, entire show, Camp Creek and Indian Loookout Country Club

Ramblin Jack Elliott, 1963/4, entire show, Second Fret

Ramblin Jack Elliott, 4/3/1970, entire show, Berkeley Blues Festival

Ramones, 3/31/1977, entire show, CBGB

Ramones, 10/21/1977, entire show, Whiskey A-Go-Go

Ramones, 10/13/1979, entire show, Evanston IL

Ramones, 12/6/1979, entire show, Indianapolis IN

Ramones, 12/31/1979, entire show, Palladium

Ramones, 7/8/1980, entire show, Sydney Australia

Ramones, 9/17/1981, entire show, Triangle Theater

Ramones, 11/15/1987, entire show, Sheffield UK

Rat Dog, ??/??/??, WRS (20 min), Mountain Stage

Rat Dog, 11/14/2000, GDH652, Portland

Rat Dog, 12/1/2000, GDH652, Electric Factory

Rat Dog, 12/2/2000, GDH652, Electric Factory

Rat Dog, 5/5/2002, entire show, New Orleans Jazz Fest

Ravi Shankar, 8/15/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha Khan, 11/18/1973, 43 min, Paris

Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha Khan, 1/28/1977, entire show, Paris

Ravi Shankar, 6/18/1982, entire show, Pallace of Fine Arts

Ravi Shankar, 5/20/1996, 33 min, KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

Ravi Shankar, 2/3/1998, entire show, Oji Hall

Ravi Shankar, 8/3/2005, entire show, Royal Albert Hall

Ray Charles, 10/22/1961, entire show, Paris

Ray Charles, 9/7/1981, entire show, Rome

Ray Charles, 10/27/1984, entire afternoon show, Warsaw Poland

Ray Charles, 5/26/1999, entire show, Glasgow Scotland

Ray Charles, 6/24/2000, entire show, Clinton Square

Reconstruction, 4/23/1979, entire late show, San Fran CA

Reconstruction, 7/22/1979, entire show, Civic Aud Santa Monica CA

REM, 10/21/1982, 44 min, Athens GA

REM, 10/22/1982, entire show, Athens GA

REM, 3/12/2008, entire show, Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, South by Southwest Festival, Austin TX

Reverend Gary Davis, 7/7/1967, 11 min, Seattle WA

Reverend Gary Davis, 7/8/1967, 60 min, Seattle WA

Rhythm Devils, 2/14/1981, entire show, San Rafael CA

Rhythm Devils, 10/27/2006, entire show, Fat City

Rhythm Devils, 7/28/2010, entire show, The Historic Rialto Theater

Rhythm Devils, 7/31/2010, entire show, Seaside Park

Richard and Linda Thompson, 5/29/1982, entire early and late shows, The Second Story

Richard Thompson, 10/11/1982, entire show, Hollowood Nights

Richard Thompson, 11/5/1986, entire show, Chestnut Cabaret

Richard Thompson, 11/8/1986, entire early show, The Ritz

Richard Thompson, 9/18/1996, entire show, Vancouver BC

Richard Thompson, 7/16/2000, entire show, Winnipeg

Richard Thompson, 6/30/2005, entire show, Cutting Room, NY

Richard Thompson, 5/4/2016, entire show, Los Angeles, CA

Richard Thompson, 10/23/2017, entire show, London England

Richard Thompson Electric Trio, 2/17/2019, entire show, Tucson AZ

Richie Havens, 8/15/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Richie Havens, 1974, 70 min video, BBC TV Studios London

Richie Havens, 3/13/2008, entire show, Paris France

Rick Danko, 12/6/1983, early show acoustic, Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT

Rick Danko and Friends, 7/29/1995, entire early and late shows, The Bottom Line, NY

Rick Danko, 10/11/1997, entire show, Amagansett NY

Rickie Lee Jones, 8/23/1982, entire show, Starlight Theatre, MO

Rickie Lee Jones, 11/11/1991, entire show, Tyrone Guthrie Theatre

Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, 06/07/1992, entire show, Atlanta, GA

Robert Cray Band, 8/31/1980, entire show, Bumbershoot Festival

Robert Cray Band, 7/26/1992, entire show, Philadelphia PA

Robert Cray, 11/18/1992, entire show, London UK

Robert Cray, 7/18/2004, entire show, Clinton Square

Robert Hunter, 10/28/1984, entire show, Seattle, WA

Robert Hunter, 11/16/1990, entire show, Avalon Theater,Milwaukee, WI

Robert Hunter, 9/29/2001, entire show, Wetlands NY

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, 6/15/2008, entire show, Manchester TN

Rockpile, 11/4/1978, entire early show, Roslyn NY

Rocky Blues, 3/30/2002, entire show, Franklin Square, NY

Rod Stewart, 10/3/1977, entire show, Seattle WA

Rod Stewart, 12/6/1978, entire show, Manchester UK

Rod Stewart, 6/18/1983, entire show, Ibrox Park

Rod Stewart, 7/8/1984, entire show, Seattle WA

Rod Stewart, 7/20/1991, entire show, Volkspark

Roger McGuinn and The Lone Canyon Band, 9/23/74, entire early show, Bottom Line

Rolling Stones, 7/29/1966, entire set, Intl Ctr Honolulu Hawaii

Rolling Stones, 12/6/1969, entire show, Altamont, Livermore CA

Rolling Stones, 10/17/1973, entire show, Forest Nationale Brussels Belgium

Rolling Stones, 6/28/1978, 70 min, Memphis

Rolling Stones, 8/16/2002, entire show, La Palais Toronto

Rolling Stones, 5/30/2015, entire show, Ohio Stadium

Romeo Void, 11/7/1984, entire show, Chestnut Cabaret

Rotary Connection, 8/30/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Roxy Music, 3/8/1976, entire show, Calderone Theatre

Roxy Music, 3/31/1979, entire show, Boston MA

Roxy Music, 4/21/1979, entire show, Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Roy Orbison, 1967, 44 min, Melbourne Australia

Roy Orbison, 5/16/1987, entire show, Holiday Star Theater

Rush, 12/16/1974, entire show, Cleveland OH

Rush, 5/7/1994, entire show, Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto

Ry Cooder, 6/28/1988, excerpts 43 min, Tokyo Japan

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, 10/17/2006, entire show, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Santana, 2/14/1969, 44 min, Fillmore West

Santana, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Santana, 8/31/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Santana, 10/21/1969, 85 min, Ludlow Garage

Santana, 2/6/1970, 35 min, Berkeley CA

Santana, 6/13/1970b, second show, Capitol Theater

Santana, 4/3/1971, 62 min, Fillmore East

Santana, 12/3/1972, entire show, Amsterdam Holland

Santana, 1/30/1973, entire show, Sports Arena

Santana, 2/2/1973, entire show, Salt Palace

Santana, 6/21/1973, entire show, Anchorage AK

Santana, 8/16/1973, entire show, Merriweather Post Pavilion

Santana, 8/17/1973, entire show, Dillon Stadium

Santana, 10/19/1973, entire show, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Santana, 12/31/1973, entire show, Winterland

Santana, 7/22/1974, 85 min, Alberta Canada

Santana, 9/23/1974, entire show, Albuquerque NM

Santana, 9/27/1974, entire show, Oklahoma City Fairgrounds

Santana, 3/23/1975, entire show, Snack Benefit, Kezar Stadium CA

Santana, 6/21/1975, entire show, Cincinnati OH

Santana, 5/7/1976, 60 min, Beacon Theater

Santana, 11/14/1976, entire show, Playhouse, Edinburgh

Santana, 12/15/1976, 58 min BBC sight and sound in concert, London England

Santana, 2/10/1978, 51 min, The Palladium

Santana, 11/17/1979, entire show, Warfield Theatre, CA

Santana, 7/1/1980, entire show, Frankfurt Germany

Santana, 8/3/1980, entire show, Shelton CT

Santana, 7/10/1983, entire show, NHK Hall

Santana, 5/29/1984, entire show, Arena Di Verona

Santana, 10/31/1984, entire show, The Ritz, NY

Santana, 5/11/1988, entire show, Fillmore West

Santana, 11/3/1991, entire show, Bill Graham Memorial, SF CA

Santana, 4/25/1992, entire show, Ahoy, Rotterdam Netherlands

Santana, 8/15/1992, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Santana, 9/3/1993, 89 min, Syracuse NY

Santana, 12/30/1996, entire show, San Francisco, CA

Santana, 5/2/2017, entire show, A&B Amphitheater at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Scarecrow Collection, 5/28/2006, entire video, Northport Long Island NY

Sha Na Na, 8/18/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Sheryl Crow, 12/15/1993, entire show, The State Theater

Sheryl Crow, 8/3/1994, entire studio, KSCA studio

Sheryl Crow, 10/25/1994, entire show, San Francisco CA

Sheryl Crow, 2/25/1995, entire show, Normal IL

Sheryl Crow, 3/17/1995, entire show, Beacon Theater

Sheryl Crow, 3/19/1995, entire show, Tower Theater

Sheryl Crow, 11/19/1996, entire show, Barrowland Ballroom

Sheryl Crow, 11/21/1996, entire show, Barrowland Ballroom

Sheryl Crow, 2/20/1997, entire show, Tower Theater

Sheryl Crow, 3/12/1997, entire show, Park West, Chicago

Sheryl Crow, 9/19/1997, entire show, Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Sheryl Crow, 4/21/1999, sound check + 82 min, Dane County Colliseum

Sheryl Crow, 4/24/1999, entire show, Fox Theater

Sheryl Crow, 5/6/1999, entire show, Camden, NJ

Simon and Garfunkel, 1958 - 1964, 56 min, Studio (live)

Simon and Garfunkel, 3/11/1967, entire show, Tufts University

Simon and Garfunkel, 6/16/1967, entire show, Monterey Pop Festival

Simon and Garfunkel, 8/23/1968, entire show, The Hollywood Bowl

Simon and Garfunkel, 11/11/1969, entire show, Oxford OH

Simon and Garfunkel, 5/2/1970, entire show, Concertgebouw

Simon and Garfunkel, 9/19/1981, entire show, Central Park NYC

Simon and Garfunkel, 8/22/1983, entire show, Vancouver BC

Sly & The Family Stone, 10/5/1968, entire show, Fillmore East

Sly & The Family Stone, 6/29/1969, 35 min, Harlem Cultural Festival

Sly & The Family Stone, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Sly & The Family Stone, 9/1/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Sly & The Family Stone, 10/9/1970, 32 min, Baarn, The Netherlands

Sly & The Family Stone, 9/10/1973, entire show, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

Smashing Pumpkins, 8/24/1993, entire show, Melody Club

Sons of Champlin, 7/12/1975, entire show, San Rafeal CA

Sons of Champlin, 8/22/1975, entire show, Cal Expo, Sacramento CA

Soulive, 6/24/1999, entire show, Winooski VT

Soulive, 11/4/2000, ?, Bowery Ballroom NY

Southside Johnny, 7/16/2004, entire show, Clinton Square

Spin Doctors, 7/10/1992, entire show, Empire Court NYS Fairgrounds

Spin Doctors, 8/6/2002, entire show, Bowery Ballroom NY

Spirit, 6/28/1967, entire show, Ash Grove

Spirit, 9/1/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Spirit, 10/30/1974, entire show, Ebbetts Field

Spirit, 2/26/1984, entire show, Chestnut Cabaret, PA

Squeeze, 5/15/1981, entire show, Oxford Polytechnic

Squeeze, 6/28/1981, entire show, The Ritz

Squeeze, 6/19/1982, entire show, Orpheum Theatre

Squeeze, 11/27/1982, entire show, Jamaica World Music Festical

Squeeze, 8/22/1985, entire show, Orpheum Theater

Stan Getz, 6/23/1972, entire show, Montreux

Stan Getz Quartet, 11/11/1973, entire show, Worcester MA

Stanley Jordan, 1/30/2020, entire show, Sweetwater Music Hall

Steppenwolf, 9/20/1972, 36 min, Gothenburg, Sweden

Steve Forbert, 11/24/1979, entire show, The Palladium NYC

Steve Forbert, 7/10/1998, 34 min, Cathedral Square

Steve Miller Blues Band, 1/12/1967, entire show, The Matrix

Steve Miller Blues Band, 5/10/1968, 48 min, Carousel Ballroom SF CA

Steve Miller, 2/2/1972, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

Steve Miller, 5/5/1976, 48 min, Beacon Theatre

Steve Miller, 6/26/1982, entire show, Milwaukee Summerfest Main Stage

Steve Miller, 6/28/1982, entire show, Saratoga Springs NY

Steve Miller, 6/10/1989, entire show, Canandaigua NY

Steve Miller, 6/6/1992, entire show, Rich Stadium

Steve Miller, 6/14/1992, entire show, Giants Stadium

Steve Miller, 6/25/1992, entire show, Chicago IL

Steve Miller, 6/26/1992, entire show, Chicago IL

Steve Winwood, 5/17/1997, 14 min, Later With Jools Holland

Steve Winwood, 5/22/1997, 58 min, BBC Radio Manchester

Steve Winwood, 6/21/2003, entire show, Meadows Music Theater

Steve Winwood, 11/16/2012, entire show, Greek Theatre

Stevie Ray Vaughan, 8/12/1979, 24 min, San Franciso Blues Festival

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, 5/20/1988, 45 min, Mansfield MA

Stevie Wonder, 11/19/1972, entire show, NYC WNET Soul

Stevie Wonder, 1/31/1974, entire show, Rainbow Th London

Stevie Wonder & Wonder Love, 7/16/1975, entire show, Musikladen TV

Stevie Wonder, 11/28/1988, entire show, Atlanta GA

Sting, 12/11/1987, entire show, Buenos Aires Argentina

Sting with Jerry Garcia, 6/26/1993, entire show, Washington DC

Sting, 6/30/2000, entire show, Tweeter Center

Stone Temple Pilots, 11/25/1996, 90 min, MSG, NY

Stone Temple Pilots, 8/12/1999, entire show, House of Blues

Styx, 9/23/1977, 51 min, Chicago

Styx, 1/27/1978, 92 min, Long Beach Arena

Styx, 4/13/1981, entire video, Landover, MD

Styx, 1/13/1982, entire show, Budokan Hall

Supertramp, 11/10/1977, entire show, Queen Mary College

Supertramp, 3/22/1979, entire show, Milwaukee Mecca Arena

Supertramp, 7/23/1983, entire show, Munich

Supertramp, 8/24/1983, entire show, Toronto Canada

Suzanne Vega, 10/13/1985, entire show, Berlin, Germany

Sweetwater, 8/15/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Taj Mahal, 2/13/1970, 98 min, Ludlow’s Garage

Taj Mahal, 1/15/1971, entire late show, Fillmore East

Taj Mahal, 11/6/1972, entire show, The Jabberwocky

Taj Mahal, 3/4/1975, entire show, Boston MA

Taj Mahal, 2/8/1977, entire show, Berkeley

Taj Mahal, 4/5/1979, entire show, Milano Italy

Taj Mahal, 11/10/1982, entire show, Stockholm

Taj Mahal, 4/9/1983, entire show, The Natchel Ridden

Taj Mahal, 7/6/1986, 41 min, Chicago

Taj Mahal, 6/21/1987, entire show, Glastonbury Festival

Taj Mahal, 4/11/1989, entire early show, Bottom Line, NYC

Taj Mahal, 11/4/1990, entire second set, Chelsea’s

Taj Mahal, 1/9/1991, meat of show, Bottom Line NY

Taj Mahal, 5/26/1991, entire show, Camp Mather

Taj Mahal, 9/23/1991, 49 min, Amsterdam

Taj Mahal, 12/29/1991, 92 min, The Catalyst

Taj Mahal, 2/6/1992, entire show, Boulder Theater

Taj Mahal, 4/10/1993, entire show, Warfield Theatre, CA

Taj Mahal, 1/21//1995, entire show, Players Theater

Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band, 12/14/2000, entire show, Berkeley CA

Taj Mahal, 12/16/2000, entire show, San Luis Obispo CA

Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band, 9/16/2001, entire show, Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

Taj Mahal, 12/3/2001, entire show, Mystic Theater

Taj Mahal Trio, 8/23/2002, entire show, Charleston Music Hall

Taj Mahal, 9/30/2008, entire show, Cutting Room NY

Taj Mahal, 9/8/2011, entire show, Pabst Theater

Talking Heads, 9/24/1976, entire late show, CBGB NY

Talking Heads, 10/29/1976, entire early show, CBGB NY

Talking Heads, 11/1/1977, entire show, Rutgers University Student Center

Talking Heads, 12/3/1977, entire show, Old Waldorf San Fran

Talking Heads, 3/15/1979, 38 min, Cleveland OH

Talking Heads, 7/20/1979, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Talking Heads, 9/20/1979, entire show, Tempe AZ

Talking Heads, 9/29/1979, entire show, Los Angeles

Talking Heads, 8/23/1980, entire show, Heatwave Festival, Canada

Talking Heads, 11/9/1980, entire show, Cherry Hill NJ

Talking Heads, 12/16/1980, entire show, Palasport

Talking Heads, 2/23/1981, entire. missing life during war time, Osaka Japan

Talking Heads, 2/27/1981, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Talking Heads, 2/28/1981, entire late show, Tokyo Japan

Talking Heads, 4/28/1982, entire show, Tokyo Japan

Talking Heads & Tom Tom Club, 7/9/1982, excerpts 90 min video, Montreux Switzerland

Talking Heads, 8/20/1983, entire show, South Yarmouth MA

Tears for Fears, 2/12/1990, 99 min, Clevland

Ten Years After, 6/28/1968, entire show, Fillmore West

Ten Years After, 8/14/1968, 6 min, BBC “Top Gear”

Ten Years After, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Ten Years After, 9/1/1969, entire show, Lewisville TX

Ten Years After, 12/3/1969, entire show, Kulttuuritalo

The Animals, 1964 - 1967, entire, Delux BBC Broadcast

The Animals, 1977, 13 min, Studio Outtakes

The Animals, 1983, 51 min, Studio Outtakes

The B-52s, 9/20/1989, entire show, La Cigale

The B-52s, 8/11/2001, entire show, Atlanta GA

The Band, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

The Band, 11/5/1970, entire show, Cousins Gym

The Band, 11/7/1970, entire show, Harrington Auditorium

The Band, 7/31/1973, entire show, Jersey City NJ

The Band, 3/23/1975, entire show, Snack Benefit Kezar Stadium

The Band, 11/25/1976, entire show, Winterland

The Band, ??/??/1982, ?, Vancoover British Columbia

The Band, 6/21/1984, entire show, Maple, Ontario

The Band, 7/24/1993, entire show, Prince Georges EQS Center Laurel MD

The Band, 4/22/1994, entire show, New Orleans Jazz Festival LA

The Band, 8/26/1994, entire show, The Stone Pony

The Beatles, discography, 26 albums on one cd in wav file format, studio

The Beatles, 1/1/62, entire, Decca Studios Audition

The Beatles, 3/5/1963, entire (Vigotone), EMI Studios

The Beatles, 8/22/1964, entire show, Vancouver Canada

The Beatles, 8/23/1964, entire show, Hollywood CA

The Beatles, 4/11/1965, entire show, New Musical Express Wembly London

The Beatles, 6/20/1965, entire early and late shows, Paris France

The Beatles, 8/19/1965, entire show, Sam Houston Auditorium TX

The Beatles, 6/30/1966, entire show, Bootocon Japan

The Beatles, 8/29/1966, entire. missing encore, Candlestick Park San Fran CA

The Beatles, 1/?/1969, entire - The River Rhine Tapes studio, ?

The Beatles, 1/3 – 14/1969, entire studio, Twickenham London UK

The Black Crowes, 8/6/1995, entire show, Polaris Amphitheatre

The Black Keys, 10/24/2014, entire show, Target Center

The Blues Brothers, 12/31/1978, entire show, Winterland

The Blues Brothers, 7/1/1980, entire show, The Pallidium

The Blues Brothers, 7/18/1998, entire show, Piazza Duomo

The Blues Brothers and the Sacred Hearts, 6/21/2002, entire show, Mohegan Sun Casino
The Bottle Rockets, 7/17/2004, entire show, Simon Estes Amphitheater

The Bugs, 1/1/1982, entire, Unreleased/Unbroadcast Radio

The Byrds, 11/2/1968, entire show, Avalon Ballroom

The Byrds, 2/22/1969, excerpt 24 min, Boston MA

The Byrds, 1/4/1970, entire early and late show, Fillmore West

The Byrds, 4/18/1970, entire show, Washington DC

The Byrds, 7/7/1970, entire show, Amsterdam

The Byrds, 8/23/1970, entire show, Ash Grove

The Byrds, 10/3/1970, entire show, Ames IA

The Byrds, 10/23/1970, entire show, Brooklyn NY

The Byrds, 11/7/1970, entire show, Rochester NY

The Byrds, 6/9/1971, entire show, Fillmore East

The Byrds, 2/10/1973, entire show, Ithaca NY

The Cars, 7/?/1978, entire show, Schaumburg IL

The Cars, 7/1/1978, entire show, Boston MA

The Cars, 8/19/1978, entire show, San Francisco CA

The Cars, 9/14/1978, entire show, El Mocambo Toronto

The Cars, 9/23/1978, entire show, Brown University

The Cars, 9/4/1979, entire show, Los Angeles CA

The Cars, 10/31/1980, entire show, Nakano Sun Plaza Hall

The Cars, 8/21/1984, entire show, Seattle WA

The Cars, 9/11/1984, entire show, Houston TX

The Cars, 11/17/1987, entire video, The Spectrum

The Cars, 12/8/1987, entire show, Columbia MO

The Charlatans, 1969, 30 min, Sausalito Sessions

The Clash, 8/5/1977, entire show, Switzerland

The Clash, 11/15/1977, 5 min, England

The Clash, 12/28/1978, entire show, London

The Clash, 3/8/1979, entire studio, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

The Clash, 2/25/1982, entire show, AC Hall Hong Kong

The Clash, 8/17/1982, entire show, Ackron OH

The Clash, 10/29/1982, entire show, Los Angeles CA

The Clash, 11/27/1982, entire show, Montego Bay Jamaica

The Clash, 5/28/1983, 72 min, US Festival Glen Helen Regional Park

The Cranberries, 8/19/1994, entire show, WNNX Studio

The Cure, 12/12/1979, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

The Cure, 5/24/1980, entire show, Stokvishal

The Cure, 6/9/1980, 21 min, Studio RTL Paris

The Cure, 6/25/1981, entire show, Hertogenbosch Netherlands

The Cure, 7/5/1981, entire show, Werchter Belgium

The Cure, 5/30/1984, entire show, De Maaspoort The Netherlands

The Cure, 9/2/1984, entire show, Marl Germany

The Cure, 9/20/1985, entire show, Birmingham, England

The Cure, 10/22/1985, entire show, Cleveland OH

The Cure, 6/21/1986, entire show, Glastonbury

The Cure, 11/1/1987, 88 min, Brussels Belgium

The Cure, 8/4/1990, entire show, Festwiese am Zentralstadion

The Cure, 6/25/1995, entire show, Glastonbury Festival

The Cure, 7/14/1995, entire show, Bern Switzerland

The Cure, 1/26/1996, entire show, Rio de Janeiro

The Cure, 10/15/1996, entire show, Paris

The Cure, 11/30/1997, entire show, Fairfax VA

The Cure, 12/10/1997, entire show, Mercer Arena

The Cure, 2/3/2000, entire show, Brussels Belgium

The Cure, 2/25/2000, entire show, Chicago IL

The Cure, 4/11/2000, entire show, Vienna

The Cure, 11/9/2002, entire show, The Color Line Arena, Hamburg

The Cure, 10/15/2004, entire show, Paris

The Dead, 4/25/2009, 2, MSG NY

The Decemberists, 10/15/2003, entire show, Houston TX

The Decemberists, 9/22/2004, entire show, Champaign IL

The Decemberists, 3/27/2007, entire show, Upper Darby, PA

The Decemberists, 4/13/2007, entire show, WFPK Studio Louisville

The Doobie Brothers, 5/31/1973, entire show, Ultrasonic Studios NY

The Doobie Brothers, 3/23/1975, entire show, Snack Benefit Kezar Stadium

The Doobie Brothers, 1977, 50 min, Rainbow Theatre London

The Doobie Brothers, 12/28/1978, entire show, Oakland CA

The Doors, 7/5/1968, entire show, Hollywood Bowl LA, CA

The Doors, 7/9/1968, entire show, Dallas Texas

The Doors, 4/28/1969, entire show, PBS TV Studio NY

The Doors, 6/5/1970, entire show, Seattle WA

The Doors, 8/21/1970, entire show, Bakersfield CA

The Eagles, 3/10/1973, 1, Voorburg Netherlands

The Eagles, 3/20/1973, entire show, BBC Television

The Eagles, 7/26.1974, entire show, Boston

The Eagles, 8/21/1975, entire show, Seattle WA

The Eagles, 8/6/1976, entire show, Seattle WA

The Eagles, 11/16/1976, entire show, Houston TX

The Eagles, 3/21/1977, 45 minutes, Landover MD

The Edgar Winter Group, 10/14/1975, entire show, Long Beach, CA

The Electric Flag, 5/1968, entire show, Carousel Ballroom

The Electric Flag, 6/28/2018, entire show, Sweetwater Music Hall

The Electrix, 3/20/01 + 12/99, acoustic + el paso, WRHU Hofstra Univ NY

The English Beat, 11/26/1982, entire show, Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Fixx, 7/10/1986, entire show, The Ritz

The Flying Burrito Brothers, 4/6/1969, entire show, San Francisco CA

The Flying Burrito Brothers, 7/27/1969, 57 min, Woodenville WA

The Flying Burrito Brothers, 5/1970, 18 min, Wynona MN

The Flying Burrito Brothers, 8/14/1976, entire late show, My Father’s Place

The Flying Burrito Brothers, 10/31/2019, entire show, Arcada Theater

The Good Rats, 8/20/1974, entire show, My Father’s Place

The Good Rats, 3/31/1978, entire show, The Bottom Line

The Guess Who, 8/31/1974, entire show, Toronto, Ontario

The Highwaymen, 4/3/1992, entire show, Globen, Stockholm

The Highwaymen, 4/15/1993, entire. missing on the road again, Battle Creek, MI

The Incredible String Band, 8/16/1969, entire show, Woodstock

The J. Geils Band, 4/27/1973, entire show, Seattle WA

The Jayhawks, 6/4/2000, entire show, Slim’s

The Jayhawks, 9/4/2014, entire show, Turf Club

The Jayhawks, 9/5/2014, entire show, Minneapolis, MN

The Jayhawks, 9/6/2014, entire show, Minneapolis, MN

The Kinks, 11/21/1970, entire show, Pierce College

The Kinks, 2/19/1977, entire show, Winterland, San Francisco, CA

The Kinks, 12/3,1977, entire show, Pawtucket RI

The Kinks, 6/4/1978, entire show, Boston MA

The Kinks, 11/19/1979, entire show, Paris

The Kinks, 2/27/1982, entire show, Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo

The Kinks, 4/25/1983, 78 min, Inglewood, CA

The Kinks, 9/5/1985, 92 min, Blossom Music Center

The Kinks, 3/8/1987, entire show, Chicago IL

The Kinks, 4/14/1988, entire show, St. Louis MO

The Kinks, 4/22/1990, entire show, Carlisle PA

The Kinks, 12/21/1994, entire show, Stuttgart Germany

The Meters, 10/5/1975, entire set, Jackson MS

The Meters, 7/25/1977, entire show, WNOE, New Orleans

The Meters, 4/23/2005, entire set, NOLA Jazz Festival

The Moody Blues, 9/14/1968, entire video, BBC Colour Me Pop

The Moody Blues, 3/20/1970, entire show, Fillmore East

The Moody Blues, 1/30/1974, entire show, Inglewood CA

The Moody Blues, 5/25/1979, entire show, Seattle WA

The Moody Blues, 6/28/1981, entire show, Long Beach CA

The Moody Blues, 1986, 70 min, BBC

The Moody Blues, 9/10/1991, entire show, Hollywood CA

The Moody Blues, 11/2/1992, 5 tracks 65-87, BBC Classic Tracks

The Moody Blues, 10/18/2002, entire show, Clearwater FL

The Neville Brothers, 12/31/1985, entire video, Oakland CA

The Neville Brothers, 2/12/1986, entire show, Oakland CA

The Neville Brothers, 5/3/1987, entire show, Poughkeepsie NH

The Neville Brothers, 5/27/1989, entire show, Chicago IL

The Neville Brothers, 8/28/2005, entire show, Syracuse NY

The Neville Brothers, 4/18/2008, entire show, Boulder CO

The Police, 10/29/1978, entire show, Boston MA

The Police, 3/9/1979, entire show, Longhorn Ballroom

The Police, 3/29/1979, entire show, My Fathers Place

The Police, 5/24/1979, entire show, Minneapolis MN

The Police, 6/4/1979, 48 min, Pinkpop Festival Holland

The Police, 6/22/1979, entire show, Paradiso

The Police, 11/29/1979, entire show, Palladium NY

The Police, 4/2/1980, entire show, Milano, Palolido

The Police, 11/24/1980, entire show, Massey Hall

The Police, ?/?/1981, entire show, Paris

The Police, 2/22/1981, entire show, Festival Hall

The Police, 8/2/1983, entire show, Montreal

The Police, 8/15/1983, 90 min, The Scope

The Pretenders, 1/2/1979, 25 min, London England

The Pretenders, 5/31/1980, entire show, Amsterdam

The Pretenders, 8/23/1980, entire show, Toronto, ON

The Pretenders, 9/4/1981, entire show, Civic Center

The Pretenders, 3/16/1984, entire show, Austin TX

The Pretenders, 7/12/1985, entire show, Chestnut Cabaret

The Pretenders, 2/20/2009, entire show, Minneapolis MN

The Psychedelic Furs, 10/15/1980, entire show, Chicago IL

The Psychedelic Furs, 10/10/1982, entire show, London UK

The Smiths, 2/24/1984, entire show, Bristol University

The Smiths, 4/21/1984, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

The Smiths, 8/28/1986, entire show, Laguna Hills CA

The Sons of Champlin, 10/24/1969, 30 min, Winterland

The Stray Cats, 7/15/1982, entire show, Lido Beach NY

The Stray Cats, 5/28/1983, entire show, US Festival Glen Helen Regional Park

The String Cheese Incident, 4/21/2018, entire show, Ashville NC

The Temptations, 7/10/1982, 77 min, Owings Mills MD

The Tubes, 7/18/1981, entire show, Richfield

The Wallflowers, 10/29/1995, entire show, Metropolis, Montréal

The Wallflowers, 11/13/1996, entire show, Hill Auditorium

The Wallflowers, 7/2/2009, entire show, Keswick Theater

The White Stripes, 8/29/2004, entire show, Carling Festival Leeds England

The Who, 8/17/1969, entire show, Woodstock

The Who, 9/29/1969, entire show, Amsterdam Netherlands

The Who, 10/19/1969, entire show, Electric Factory Philadelphia PA

The Who, 12/4/1969, entire show, Bristol Hippodrome, England

The Who, 7/7/1970, 90 min video, Tanglewood Theater

The Who, 8/29/1970, 67 min, Isle Of Wight Festival

The Who, 4/26/1971, entire show, London UK

The Who, 10/30/1971, entire show, Odeon Cinema, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

The Who, 11/23/1973, entire show, The Forum

The Who, 12/4/1973, entire show, Philadelphia PA

The Who, 11/20/1975, entire show, The Summit

The Who, 6/12/1976, entire show, Swansea UK

The Who, 8/3/1976, entire show, Largo, MD

The Who, 10/9/1976, entire show, Oakland CA

The Who, 10/10/1976, entire show, Oakland CA

The Who, 5/17/1979, entire show, Paris Pavillion

The Who, 3/28/1981, entire show, Grugahalle, Essen, West Germany

The Who, 10/7/2000, entire show, MSG NY

Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane, 11/x5/1957, 11 min, Spot, New York City

Thelonious Monk Quintet, 8/27/1960, 20 min, Connie Mack Park

Thelonious Monk, 4/15/1961, entire show, Concertgebouw

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 5/10/1961, 54 min, Bern Switzerland

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 11/12/1962, entire show, The Village Gate

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 3/9/1963, 26 min, Paris, France

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 2/23/1964, entire show, Paris, France

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 3/20/1966, entire show, Paris, France

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 4/4/1966, entire video 27 min, Poland

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 4/17/1966, entire show, Copenhagen Denmark

Thelonious Monk Quartet, 12/2/1969, entire show, Sartory, Cologne

Thelonious Monk, 7/3/1975, entire show, Philharmonic Hall

Thin Lizzy, 11/14/1972, 7 min, RTE Radio Eireann

Thin Lizzy, 9/18/1973, 26 min, Berlin Festival

Thin Lizzy, 4/21/1976, excerpts 60 min, Chicago IL

Thin Lizzy, 5/14/1976, entire show, Ford Auditorium

Thin Lizzy, 11/15/1976, entire show, London England

Thin Lizzy, 8/16/1978, 38 min, The Forum

Thin Lizzy, 9/5/1978, entire show, Paradise Rock Club

Tim Hardin, 8/15/1969, entire show, Woodstock

Tiny Tim, 2/24/1963, entire show, Fat Black Pussycat NY

Tiny Tim, 6/1?/1967, entire show, Monterey CA

Todd Snider, 2/21/2007, entire show, Mystic Theater CA

Todd Snider, 9/5/2021, entire show, Charleston Music Hall

Tom Constanten, 11/16/1990, entire show, Avalon Theater, Milwaukee, WI

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 11/29/1977, entire show, Roslyn NY

Tom Rush with Fritz Richmond, 9/2/1962, entire show, Martha’s Vineyard MA

Tom Tom Club, 12/31/1988, entire show, Oakland

Tom Waits, 8/12/1973, entire show, “Folk Scene” radio show KPFK

Tom Waits, 4/19/1974, entire show, San Diego Folk Festival

Tom Waits, 11/10/1974, entire show, Cambridge MA

Tom Waits, 4/18/1975, entire WAMU interview

Tom Waits, 4/21/1975, entire show, The Main Point

Tom Waits, 12/3/1975, entire show, WMMS Coffee Break Concert

Tom Waits, 5/26/1976, entire show, L’American Hotel

Tom Waits, 11/21/1976, entire show, Chicago IL

Tom Waits, 5/20/1977, entire late show, Hollywood CA

Tom Waits, 4/27/1979, 33 min, Paris France

Tom Waits, 10/8/1979, entire show, Uptown Theatre

Tom Waits, 11/5/1979, entire show, Beacon Theatre

Tom Waits, 4/1/1999, entire show, Burbank Airport

Toots & The Maytals, 5/16/1999, entire show, Gevena NY

Toots & The Maytals, 6/16/2006, entire show, Chiasso, Switzerland

Tori Amos, 5/18/1996, entire show, Landmark Theatre

Tori Amos, 2/??/1999, entire show, Sessions at West 54th Street NY

Tori Amos, 9/15/1999, entire show, Marcus Amphitheater

Tower of Power, 3/6/1971, entire show, Fillmore West

Tower of Power, 11/30/1972, 42 min, Keystone Corner

Tower of Power, 6/15/1973, entire show, Live at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA

Tower of Power, 3/23/1975, entire show, Snack Benefit, Kezar Stadium CA

Tower of Power, 9/15/1990, 85 min, Chestnut Cabaret

Towns Van Zandt, 07/??/1973, entire show, Old Quarter Houston TX

Towns Van Zandt, 07/15/1984, entire show, Rockefeller’s

Tracy Chapman, 7/4/1988, entire show, Casino Montreux Switzerland

Tracy Chapman, 7/25/1988, entire show, Philadelphia PA

Tracy Chapman, 2/2/1991, entire show, Englewood CO

Traffic, 6/1/1970, entire show, Fillmore West

Traffic, 11/23/1970, 60 min, Anderson Th NYC

Traffic, 1972, 63 min video, Santa Monica

Traffic, 1/26/1973, entire show, Winterland

Traffic, 7/16/1994, entire show, RFK Stadium DC

Traffic, 7/17/1994, entire show, RFK Stadium DC

Traffic, 7/23/1994, entire show, Soldier Field IL

Traffic, 7/29/1994, entire show, Hebron OH

Traffic, 8/3/1994, entire show, East Rutherford NJ

U2, 11/9/2001, entire show, Salt Lake City

Uncle Tupelo, 7/18/1990, 26 min, NPR radio NY

Uncle Tupelo, 4/21/1994, entire show, Normal IL

Van Halen, 5/29/1976, entire show, Pasadena CA

Van Halen, 5/22/1978, entire show, Manchester England

Van Halen, 5/23/1978, entire show, Hanley England

Van Halen, 5/28/1978, entire show, Ipswich England

Van Halen, 4/14/1980, entire show, Mecca Arena

Van Halen, 10/12/1982, entire show, Capital Center

Van Morrison, 10/9/1970, entire show, Fillmore West

Van Morrison, 9/5/1971, entire show, Marin CA

Van Morrison, 1973, entire TLTSN Vol 1, Various

Van Morrison, 2/15/1973, entire show, San Anselmo CA

Van Morrison & Dr. John, 6/22/1977, entire show, Hilversum, Netherlands

Van Morrison, 11/1/1978, entire late show, Bottom Line NY

Van Morrison, 5/17/1998, entire show, George, WA

Vassar Clements, 3/8/1997, entire show, Knoxville TN

Velvet Underground, Searchin for My Mainline, 3 CD Box Set, various

Velvet Underground, 4/1966, 25 min, The Don

Velvet Underground, 11/1966, 24 min, Valleydale Ballroom

Velvet Underground, 12/12/1968, entire show, Boston Tea Party

Velvet Underground, 1/10/1969, entire show, Boston Tea Party

Velvet Underground, 3/13/1969, entire show, Boston Tea Party

Velvet Underground, 7/11/1969, entire. missing waiting for the man, Boston Tea Party

Velvet Underground, 8/2/1969, entire show, Hilltop Festival

Velvet Underground, 6/2/1993, entire show, Edinburgh Scotland

Vida Blue, 7/12/2002, entire show, Fillmore West

Violent Femmes, 2/11/1984, entire show, BFBS Nightflight

Violent Femmes, 3/31/1984, entire show, Melbourne Australia

Violent Femmes, 6/9/1991, entire show, Hebron OH

War, 3/13/1989, entire show, Wetlands Preserve

Warren Haynes, 5/6/2006, Solo acoustic excerpts (30min), New Orleans Jazz Festival

Warren Zevon, 5/13/1978, entire show, Chicago IL

Warren Zevon, 7/27/1978, entire show, Sausalito CA

Warren Zevon, 6/8/1980, excerpts (20 min), Boulder CO

Warren Zevon, 9/26/1984, entire show, Rainbow Music Hall

Warren Zevon, 7/29/1995, entire show, Frame Park

Warren Zevon, 7/3/2000, entire show, The Rave

Waylon Jennings, 9/xx/1974, entire show, Arlington TX

Waylon Jennings, 11/29/1974, 68 min, Academy of Music, NY

Waylon Jennings, 8/2/1975, 56 min, Sugarloaf ME

Waylon Jennings and The Crickets, 3/16/1979, entire show, Freedom Hall Civic Center

Waylon Jennings, 9/23/1984, entire show, Atlanta GA

Waylon Jennings, 10/26/1985, entire show, Samuel Clemens Performing Arts Center

Waylon Jennings, 7/23/1993, entire show, Seaside Heights

Wayne Shorter, 11/19/1995, entire show, Royal Festival Hall

Weather Report, 2/27/1974, 69 min, Westport CT

Weather Report, 5/7/1975, entire show, San Diego

Weather Report, 10/13/1980, 41 min, Paris

Ween, 5/4/2000, entire show, Higher Ground

Weezer, 10/8/2005, entire show, Wolstein Center

Widespread Panic, 11/4/2000, entire show, San Francisco CA

Wilco, 11/12/1996, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Wilco, 5/31/1997, entire show, Embarcadero Park

Wilco, 9/4/2003, entire show, McDonald Theater

Willie Nelson, 10/17/1974, entire show, University of Texas

Willie Nelson, 2/26/1975, entire show, Fort Worth TX

Willie Nelson, 6/7/1975, entire show, Boarding House, CA

Willie Nelson, 11/6/1975, entire show, West Hollywood CA

Willie Nelson, 8/18/1979, entire show, Sedalia MO

Willie Nelson, 9/2/1979, 86 min, DuQuoin State Fair

Willie Nelson, 8/9/1981, entire show, Wisconsin State Fairpark

Willie Nelson, 9/8/1984, entire show, Foxboro MA

Willie Nelson, 7/4/1991, entire show, Paul Masson Winery Amphitheatre

Willie Nelson, 2/17/1995, entire show, Foxwood Casino CT

Willie Nelson, 2/27/1997, entire show, Charlie’s Bar

Willie Nelson, 7/23/2001, entire show 55 min, Piano Jazz Marian McPartland NY

Willie Nelson, 2/?/2002, entire show, NPR Studios

Willie Nelson, 5/1/2007, entire show, Desert Diamond Casino

Willie Nelson, 9/20/2008, entire show 30 min, Farm Aid Mansfield MA

Willie Nelson, 7/18/2009, entire show, Bethel Woods Center For The Arts

Wynton Marsalis Quartet, 6/30/1987, entire show, Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

XTC, 7/20/1979, entire show, Sydney Australia

XTC, 1/29/1980, entire show, Boston MA

Yardbirds, 66 – 4/1967, ?, Stockholm

Yazoo, 11/22/1982, entire show, London UK

Yes, 1969 - 1972, 272 minutes, studio outtakes

Yes, 1/12/1969, entire show, Top Gear With John Peel

Yes, 3/12/1970 or 3/17/1970, entire show, Live on Sunday show BBC Studios London England

Yes, 7/24/1971, 40 min, Yale Bowl New Haven CT

Yes, 11/11/1971, entire show, Wolverhampton UK

Yes, 1/21/1972, 37 min, Amsterdam

Yes, 2/16/1974, entire show, The Spectrum

Yes, 2/18/1974, 127 min, MSG

Yes, 3/18/1974, entire, missing encores, The Forum

Yes, 3/19/1974, entire show, Long Beach CA

Yes, 12/1/1974, entire show, Baton Rogue LA

Yes, 12/5/1974, 120 min, Tulsa

Yes, 12/11/1974, entire king biscuit flower hour, Boston

Yes, 6/21/1975, entire show, Hollywood Bowl

Yes, 6/23/1975, entire show, Long Beach CA

Yes, 7/23/1975, entire show, Providence RI

Yes, 8/15/1977, entire show, Providence RI

Yes, 8/23/1977, entire show, Cobo Arena

Yes, 9/23/1977, entire show, Los Angeles CA

Yes, 9/26/1977, entire show, Long Beach CA

Yes, 9/19/1978, entire show, Richfield Colliseum

Yes, 4/13/1979, 116 minutes, Louisville, KY

Yes, 4/18/1979, entire show, Quebec

Yes, 5/25/1979, entire show, Long Beach CA

Yes, 6/19/1979, entire show, Boston MA

Yes, 6/27/1979, entire show, Riverside Centroplex

Yes, 9/1/1984, 93 min, Hershey Park Stadium

Yes, 2/27/1988, entire show, Oakland CA

Yes, 4/17/1991, entire video, Worcester Centrum

Yes, 4/24/1991, 74 min, Montreal

Yes, 8/11/1994, entire show, Orlando FL

Yes, 9/10/1994, entire show, MSG

Yes, 12/11/1999, entire show, The Orpheum Theater

Yes, 8/11/2001, entire show, Palace Theatre

Yes, 8/28/2001, entire show, Molson Amphitheatre

Yusef Lateef Quartet, 9/28/1979, 52 min, unknown venue

Yonder Mountain String Band, 11/10/2001, entire show, San Francisco CA

Zero, 6/14/1992a, entire show, Civic Center Plaza

Zero, 6/14/1992b, entire show, Fairfax Pavilion

Ziggy Marley, 8/3/2015, entire show, Boulder CO

ZZ Top, 4/15/1980, entire show, Claskston MI

ZZ Top, 5/4/1980, entire show, Passaic NJ

ZZ Top, 10/22/2011, entire show, Austin TX

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